Explore Mithamoin: A Charming Subdistrict in Kishoreganj District

Mithamoin, also known as Mithamain, is a subdistrict located in Kishoreganj district, Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Itna and Azmiriganj subdistricts to the north, the Austagram subdistrict to the south, Baniachang and Austagram to the east, and Karimganj and Nikli subdistricts to the west. Despite being a rural area, Mithamoin holds historical significance and is popularly visited by tourists.

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Kishoreganj Travel bus or train from Dhaka

Getting to Mithamoin If you are planning to visit Mithamoin, you can start by reaching Kishoreganj town. You can travel to Kishoreganj by bus or train from Dhaka. The Egarosindhur Provati train departs from Dhaka at 7:15 AM (currently suspended on Wednesdays) and takes around 3-4 hours to reach Kishoreganj, with ticket prices ranging from 150-200 Bangladeshi Taka. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Mohakhali Bus Stand in Dhaka to Anannya Paribahan or Anannya Super Bus, or from Sayedabad to Anannya Super or Jatayat Bus, which will directly take you to Kishoreganj town. 
The bus fare ranges from 270 to 300 Taka. From Kishoreganj Railway Station or Bus Stand, you can hire a rickshaw, CNG-powered auto-rickshaw, or reserve a car to reach Balikhalaghat, from where you can take a small engine boat for a scenic tour around Mithamoin. The hourly rental for the engine boat ranges from 200 to 400 Taka, depending on the negotiated fare. The boat ride from Balikhalaghat to Mithamoin takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Additionally, there is a local boat service available from Balikhalaghat to Mithamoin.
Places to Explore in Mithamoin Apart from the enchanting boat rides in Mithamoin, there are several notable attractions worth visiting, including:

Malik’s Palace: Travel by trawler from Mithamoin to Ghagrar. From there, you can continue your journey to Malik’s Palace by a trawler. When returning, you can take the trawler back to Ghagrar and then proceed to Mithamoin by trawler. The total travel time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. During the dry season, you can also reach Malik’s Palace from Mithamoin by tempo or motorcycle.

Delhi Akhra: From Kishoreganj, you can take a bus or CNG-powered auto-rickshaw to reach Chamar Ghat. From there, you can travel by trawler to Delhi Akhra.

Residence of President Abdul Hamid: You can visit the residence of the honorable President Abdul Hamid in Kamalpur village, Mithamoin, which might require some prior arrangements.

Historical Mosque: Mithamoin is known for its ancient mosques, reflecting the region’s rich heritage. Local women in Mithamoin are skilled in various handicrafts, which showcase the cultural heritage of the area. There are also traditional sports like boat racing and stick fighting.

Stay in Mithamoin

Accommodation Options For a comfortable stay in Mithamoin, the best option is President Resort. However, it is relatively expensive. Alternatively, you can consider Hotel Al-Kamal (01689-090101) or Hotel Sikdar Abashik (01753-804545), which offer room rates ranging from 500 to 1200 Taka. The district council’s Dak Bungalow provides overnight accommodation facilities.

Local Cuisine In Mithamoin Bazar, you can find local hotels serving various fresh fish dishes. Noteworthy eateries include Kacha Longka, Selim Restaurant, and Hotel Chanpur.

Exploring Kishoreganj District Apart from Mithamoin, Kishoreganj district offers other attractions such as Nikli Haor, Itna Haor, Norsunda Lake in the city, the residence of the first female poet Chandrabati, the ancestral house of Manab Babu, and many more places worth visiting. Plan your travel itinerary wisely to make the most of your trip.

Dhaka to Mithamoin Kishoreganj distance

The distance from Dhaka to Mithamoin Kishoreganj is 291.5 kilometers (181.1 miles). The travel time by car is approximately 10 hours and 3 minutes. There are three main routes that you can take:
  • Route 1: Dhaka – Tongi – Mymensingh – Netrokona – Sunamganj – Sulla – Mithamoin (346 kilometers, 215 miles, 9 hours and 39 minutes)
  • Route 2: Dhaka – Tongi – Mymensingh – Kendua – Netrokona – Sunamganj – Sulla – Mithamoin (291.5 kilometers, 181.1 miles, 10 hours and 3 minutes)
  • Route 3: Dhaka – Tongi – Mymensingh – Jamalpur – Kishoreganj – Mithamoin (284.4 kilometers, 177.1 miles, 10 hours and 25 minutes)

The fastest route is Route 2, but it is also the most expensive. Route 3 is the cheapest route, but it is also the longest. The best route for you will depend on your budget and how much time you have.

Here are some tips for driving from Dhaka to Mithamoin Kishoreganj:

  • Make sure your car is in good condition before you start your journey.
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks for the drive.
  • Be aware of the traffic conditions, especially during peak hours.
  • Allow plenty of time for your journey, as there may be delays due to traffic or roadworks.
  • Enjoy the scenery! The drive from Dhaka to Mithamoin Kishoreganj is very scenic, especially if you take Route 3.

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