Rubber Garden of Mirzanagar Parshuram Upazila, Feni

Explore the story of a personal initiative in Mirzanagar, a village in Parshuram Upazila, Feni, where a rubber garden was established. Discover the process of rubber collection and the popular attractions of Feni district.

Rubber Garden of Mirzanagar Parshuram

Mirzanagar, a village located in Parshuram Upazila of Feni district, has witnessed the establishment of a remarkable Rubber Garden through a personal initiative. In 2010, Haji Md. Mostafa set up this garden by planting around 8,000 rubber trees on approximately 25 acres of land. After a long eight-year period of nurturing, the first rubber tapping began in 2018.

Rubber Tapping Process: To collect latex from rubber trees, a shallow cut is made around 70-75 cm above the tapping panel, and a small container is attached below to collect the latex. The latex is then processed into dried rubber sheets, which takes about seven days. After the process is complete, the rubber sheets are dried and stored in a drying shed, where water is removed using a roller machine. Generally, rubber trees are tapped continuously for about 30-32 years.

Traveling to Mirzanagar, Parshuram Upazila: To reach Mirzanagar in Parshuram Upazila, you can take buses from Dhaka to Shyamoli, Unic, Sohag, Green Line, S. Alam, Keya, or Saudia. Alternatively, you can travel by Mahanagar Godhuli or Turna Express train from Komlapur Railway Station to Feni. From Feni district, you can use local transportation like CNG or Ejeep to reach the Rubber Garden in Parshuram Upazila.

Accommodation in Feni District: Notable residential hotels in Feni district include Hotel Bilash, Hotel Al Karim, Hotel Gazi, and Hotel Mid Night.

Dining Options: In Parshuram Upazila, there are tea and breakfast stalls available. Additionally, Feni city offers numerous restaurants serving Bengali cuisine. Among the popular local dishes in Feni are Chaler Semai (vermicelli made with rice), Mohishe’s ghee (clarified butter made from buffalo milk), various sweet dishes made from sesame seeds, and Khandaler Misti (sweets made from date palm).

Travel Tips:The ideal time to visit the Rubber Garden is during the rubber production season, which generally spans from October to January.
If you wish to enter the privately-owned garden, you need to obtain permission from the owner.
Avoid approaching the hot fire chimney during the rubber processing.

Do not bring any flammable items such as cigarettes or lighters inside the rubber garden, as there is a risk of accidents due to natural dryness during winter and monsoon seasons.

The Rubber Garden is surrounded by the Parshuram Reserve Forest, enclosed by fences made of cut tree trunks. If you enjoy trekking, you can embark on a trekking adventure.

Refrain from littering inside the garden.

Other Attractions in Feni District: Apart from the Rubber Garden, Feni district offers other noteworthy attractions such as Rajazhi Beach, Shams’ bamboo fortress, Shams’ beach, the ancestral home of the Pratappur Zamindars, and Abdus Salam Memorial Museum.

Conclusion: Exploring the personal initiative that led to the creation of the Rubber Garden in Mirzanagar, Parshuram Upazila, Feni, provides a unique travel experience. Witnessing the rubber collection process and immersing in the natural beauty of Feni district’s attractions will leave visitors with cherished memories. Stay updated with our Facebook page and join our Facebook group for any travel-related information and updates.

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