Famous Districts of Bangladesh and Their Specialties

Discover the Famous Districts of Bangladesh and Their Specialties

Bangladesh, divided into 8 divisions, is home to a total of 64 districts, each renowned for its unique features. However, many people remain unaware of the reasons behind their neighboring districts’ fame. Today, we aim to shed light on the specialties of each district in Bangladesh. Let’s explore!

Firstly, Chittagong District holds the distinction of being the oldest, established in 1666, while Feni District is the most recent, established on November 7, 1984. Rangamati takes the crown as the largest district in terms of area, while Narayanganj boasts the title of the smallest district. Dhaka District serves as the capital of Bangladesh, while Chittagong District is known as the commercial hub.

Famous Districts of Bangladesh and Their Specialties

Let’s delve into the specialties of various districts in Bangladesh:

Dhaka Division:

Dhaka Division comprises 13 districts, each with its own fame. Here are the highlights:Dhaka:

  • Known for Banarasi sarees and bakarkhani bread.
  • Faridpur: Famous for date molasses.
  • Tangail: Celebrated for Chamcham sweets and Tangail sarees.
  • Kishoreganj: Renowned for Balish Sweet.
  • Madaripur: Recognized for Date Jaggery and Rasgolla sweets.
  • Gazipur: Celebrated for Kathal (jackfruit) and Guava.
  • Gopalganj: Noteworthy for Bangabandhu Samadhisodh, Madhumati River, and Court Mosque.
  • Manikganj: Known for date molasses.
  • Munshiganj: Famous for various sweets.
  • Narayanganj: Renowned for the golden fiber jute.
  • Narsingdi: Celebrated for Sagar Kala.
  • Rajbari: Noted for Chamcham sweets and date molasses.
  • Shariatpur: Famous for jute, ginger, onion, and tomato.

Chittagong Division:

Chittagong Division comprises 11 districts, each with its unique offerings. Here are the highlights:

  • Bandarban: Known for Hill Juice and Tobacco.
  • Brahmanbaria: Celebrated for Taler Bara and Chanamukhi.
  • Chandpur: Famous for Hilsa fish.
  • Chittagong: Renowned for Host (a fruit) and Shuntki.
  • Comilla: Noted for Rasmalai (a sweet) and Khaddar (Khadi) fabric.
  • Cox’s Bazar: Celebrated for Sweet Pan (a type of betel leaf preparation).
  • Khagrachari: Famous for Yellow.
  • Lakshmipur: Known for Suri (a type of sweet).
  • Noakhali: Celebrated for Coconuts and Madara Pitha (a traditional dessert).
  • Feni: Renowned for buffalo milk ghee and khandal sweet.
  • Rangamati: Famous for Pineapples, Kathal (jackfruit), and Bananas.

Sylhet Division:

Sylhet Division comprises 4 districts, each with its own specialties. Here are the highlights:

  • Habiganj: Renowned for white silica sand.
  • Moulvibazar: Celebrated for Manager Store Rasgolla.
  • Sunamganj: Known for its stone industry, fisheries, paddy cultivation, and cement industry.
  • Sylhet: Famous for pickled oranges, tea, and satkara (a citrus fruit).

Rajshahi Division:

Rajshahi Division consists of 8 districts, each with its own distinctive offerings. Here are the highlights:

  • Bogra: Known for curd.
  • Pabna: Celebrated for Ghee (clarified butter) and Lungi (a traditional garment).
  • Rajshahi: Renowned for Mangoes and Rajshahi Silk Sarees.
  • Jaipurhat: Famous for grain storage in the northern region.
  • Chapainawabganj: Celebrated for Mangoes, Chamcham sweets from Shibganj, and Bread from Kalai.
  • Naogaon: Known for Rice and Sandesh (a popular sweet).
  • Natore: Famous for Kachagolla (a type of sweet) and Banalata Sen.
  • Sirajganj: Celebrated for Panitoa (a sweet) and Dhansindi curd.

Khulna Division:

Khulna Division comprises 10 districts, each with its own unique specialties. Here are the highlights:

  • Bagerhat: Known for Prawns and betel nuts.
  • Chuadanga: Celebrated for betel nuts, tobacco, and maize.
  • Jessore: Renowned for Date molasses, Khai, and Jamtla sweet.
  • Khulna: Famous for the Sundarbans, Sandesh (a sweet), Coconuts, and Lobsters.
  • Jhenaidah: Celebrated for rice, jute, wheat, and garlic.
  • Kushtia: Renowned for Sesame Khwaja and Kulfi Ice Cream.
  • Magura: Known for Rasmalai (a sweet).
  • Meherpur: Celebrated for Sweet Savitri and Rasa Kadamba.
  • Narail: Famous for burnt Sandesh, date molasses, and the juice of dates.
  • Satkhira: Renowned for Sandesh (a sweet).

Barisal Division:

Barisal Division consists of 6 districts, each with its own distinct specialties. Here are the highlights:

  • Barguna: Known for coconuts and betel nuts.
  • Barisal: Celebrated for Amra (a type of fruit).
  • Bhola: Renowned for coconuts and buffalo milk curd.
  • Jhalakathi: Famous for flour and guava.
  • Patuakhali: Celebrated for buffalo curd and Kuakata (a beach destination).
  • Pirojpur: Known for guava, coconuts, betel nuts, and Amra (a type of fruit).

Mymensingh Division:

Mymensingh Division comprises 4 districts, each with its own specialties. Here are the highlights:

  • Mymensingh: Known for Mukta Gachar Manda (a traditional sweet).
  • Sherpur: Celebrated for Chicken Pies and Chicken Chops.
  • Jamalpur: Renowned for Chicken Polao, Chicken Pies, and Buri Shop Rasmalai.
  • Netrakona: Famous for pillow sweets.

Rangpur Division:

Rangpur Division consists of 8 districts, each with its own specialties. Here are the highlights:Dinajpur:

  • Known for litchis, Kataribhog rice, chira (flattened rice), and papad.
  • Gaibandha: Celebrated for Rasamjuri (a type of sweet).
  • Kurigram: Renowned for paddy, jute, and tobacco.
  • Lalmonirhat: Famous for the Teesta River and Teesta Rail Bridge.
  • Nilphamari: Known for tobacco.
  • Panchagarh


In conclusion, Bangladesh is a country with diverse districts, each known for its own specialties. From the bustling capital of Dhaka to the scenic landscapes of Rangamati and the cultural heritage of Rajshahi, every district has something unique to offer.

Whether it’s the traditional crafts and delicacies of Dhaka Division, the natural beauty and hill tribes of Chittagong Division, the tea gardens of Sylhet Division, the agricultural abundance of Rajshahi Division, the mangroves of Khulna Division, the riverside charm of Barisal Division, the cultural heritage of Mymensingh Division, or the agricultural richness of Rangpur Division, each district contributes to the diverse tapestry of Bangladesh’s cultural and natural heritage.

The 64 districts of Bangladesh hold their own significance, making it a fascinating country to explore and experience. So, next time you visit or hear about a district in Bangladesh, remember to appreciate its unique specialties and contributions to the country’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty.

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