Things to keep in mind when traveling to mountains in winter

We are all travelers. During winters we tend to travel more. Many people think that winter is the perfect time to travel. It is easy to go on long trips during the winter holidays. Especially the plan to go to Sajek is now on everyone’s mind. So everyone rushes to this beautiful place whenever they get a chance. Apart from this there are Nilgiris, Nilachal, Sitakundur Chandranath Pahar. All hill tourist centers are now crowded with tourists.

The beauty of the mountains is difficult to explain. Not many are lucky enough to stand on top of a mountain and take in the clouds. So it goes without saying how pleasant this feeling is. Many people cannot climb mountains due to various physical problems or fear of heights. But they can visit Nilgiris-Neelachal if they wish.

Things to keep in mind when traveling to mountains in winterThere are a few things you need to keep in mind while hiking in the mountains in winter. To make your journey more pleasant and safe. Then know about those things-

1. Be sure to think about your bag before you go hiking in winter. No extra clothing or accessories may be taken. If the bag is heavy, it will be difficult for you to climb the mountain.
2. You must bring thin clothes for hiking. It will reduce the weight of the bag. It is better to keep a winter clothes on hand if possible. However, it is a bit cold in the mountains. But you will feel very hot while climbing the mountain.
3. Special attention should be paid to shoes. Slips can occur at any time in the mountains. That’s why you must read “Keds” to climb the mountain.
4. Although enjoying the sun in winter, it is quite harmful for the body. During this time, more suntan appears on the body. Sunscreen must be used for this.

5. Don’t forget to bring essential toiletries like soap , shampoo , toothpaste , brush, comb, petroleum jelly , moisturizer etc.
6. While travelling, please carry power bank, flashlight, mobile phone charger etc.
7. Carry light dry food. Keep water bottles. If you are a tea lover, you can also add a little flax.
8. Carry your necessary medicines with you.
9. There is no telephone or mobile network in the mountains. For this, you can carry a SIM that supports the network.
10. Carry masks and hand sanitizer with you during the pandemic . Maintain personal protection.

Keeping these things in mind before going on a winter mountain trek will make your trip easier and more comfortable.

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