The Bangladesh Consulate in New York

A crucial diplomatic post representing Bangladesh’s interests and offering a variety of consular services to Bangladeshi citizens and residents in the US is the Bangladesh Consulate in New York. The consulate, which is located in the vibrant metropolis of New York, is vital to advancing cross-border relations, developing cultural exchanges, and providing aid to the Bangladeshi population.

Bangladesh Consulate in New York

Location and e-mail addresses: 

211 East 43rd Street, Suite 502, New York, NY 10017 is the address of the Bangladesh Consulate in the Big Apple. It is strategically located in Midtown Manhattan, making it simple for people seeking consular assistance to get to. People can contact the consulate by phone at +1 (212) 599-6767 or by email at for questions or help.

Consular Services:

Within its jurisdiction, which includes the states of New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the consulate provides a comprehensive range of consular services to Bangladeshi citizens and residents. The embassy offers a number of important consular services, like the following:

Services for Passports:

The consulate helps with the issuance of new passports, the renewal of current passports, and offers support in the event that a passport is lost or damaged. Additionally, it offers endorsement services for various tasks like adding extra pages or editing personal data.

Visa processing:

The consulate handles visa applications for those traveling to Bangladesh. It gives guidance on filling out the application forms and ensures that visas for various purposes, including travel, business, education, and employment, are processed quickly.

The consulate provides notarial and attestation services, such as document authentication for affidavits, powers of attorney, and other legal documents. These services are necessary for a number of things, including business transactions, judicial proceedings, and admissions to academic institutions.

Consular Assistance: 

The consulate offers support to Bangladeshi nationals who require it, especially those who are dealing with crises, accidents, or other unanticipated events. In cooperation with the appropriate authorities, it provides assistance, direction, and consular protection.

Community Engagement:

To promote cultural heritage, develop community cohesiveness, and commemorate significant national holidays, the consulate actively engages with the Bangladeshi population within its authority through planning cultural events, seminars, and workshops. It provides a platform for neighborhood residents to interact, network, and request assistance when necessary.

Promoting Bilateral Relations:

The Bangladesh Consulate in New York, in addition to providing consular assistance, is a key player in advancing bilateral ties between Bangladesh and the United States. It actively interacts with U.S. government representatives, lawmakers, business groups, and cultural organizations to promote cooperation, increase trade and investment, and create cross-cultural interactions. The consulate acts as a center for diplomatic exchanges, organizing official visits, conferences, and cultural activities that enhance goodwill and understanding between nations.


A crucial diplomatic outpost, the Bangladesh Consulate in New York fosters bilateral ties and offers consular assistance to Bangladeshi nationals and residents under its jurisdiction. It guarantees accessibility and convenience for people seeking consular assistance because to its excellent position. The consulate makes a substantial contribution to the welfare of the Bangladeshi population living in the United States through facilitating consular services, encouraging cultural exchanges, and fortifying bilateral ties.

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