Khalishpur Nilkuthi Vhaban

Khalishpur Nilkuthi Bhavan is one of the archaeological monuments located on the banks of Kapotaksh river in Maheshpur upazila of Jhenaidah district. At the beginning of indigo cultivation in the Indian subcontinent, the British East India Company built a two-storied indigo house on 14 acres of land at Khalishpur. From 1810 to 1858, this indigo prison was used to torture indigo growers. Peasants outraged by British oppression of indigo growers started the Indigo Rebellion in the subcontinent in 1860. However, although the British sold the other Nilkuthis, the Nilkuthi Bhavan of Khalishpur could not be sold due to the revolt of the farmers. This Nilkuthi, left by the British, was later used by the Zamindars as a Kachari house.

Khalishpur Nilkuthi Vhaban

When the zamindari system was abolished during the partition of India in 1947, the kuthi was abandoned. After the War of Independence, the Bangladesh Directorate of Archeology registered Khalishpur Neelkuthi Bhavan as an archaeological site. At present, Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman University and Hamidur Rahman Memorial Museum have been established next to Khalishpur Nilkuthi Bhavan and a beautiful mango orchard has been built on 10 acres of land near Nilkuthi Bhavan.

How to go

Jhenaidah can be reached by Royal, Sonar Tari, SB Pariwan, JR Pariwan, Chuadanga, Hanif, Darshana and Purbasha deluxe buses from Dhaka’s Gabtali. From Jhenaidah you can reach Maheshpur upazila by local bus and go to Khalishpur Nilkuthi Bhavan by rickshaw/CNG.

Where will you stay

Hotel Ratul, Hotel Radiation, Hotel Zaman, Nayan Hotel, Hotel Dream Inn and Kshanika Rest House are some of the residential hotels located in Jhenaidah district town.

Where to eat

Jhenaidah city near Payra Chatwar has Cafe Kashful, Kasturi Hotel, Ajay Kitchen, Liza Fast Food, Ying King Chinese, Rupsi Bangla Restaurant, Sweet Hotel and Food etc.

Other Sightseeing Places in Jhenaidah District

Other places of interest in Jhenaidah include Barobazar , Jor Bangla Mosque , Gazi Kalu and Champavati Shrine, Galakata Mosque, Shailkupa Zamindar Bari , Dhol Samudra Dighi, Naldanga Rajbari Resort, Mier Dalan and Johan Dream Valley Park .

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