Haribhanga mango of Rangpur

Haribhanga Mango of Rangpur district is appreciated all over Bangladesh as a delicious mango without fiber. The source of this popular mango is Tekani village of Khoragach in Mithapukur upazila of Rangpur. There is a well-known legend about the naming of broken mangoes. Since Tekani and its surrounding areas were rain-prone areas, separate arrangements had to be made to water the saplings. At that time, a tree dweller named Nafal Uddin Paikar first started this mango.

রংপুরের হাড়িভাঙ্গা আম
Initially, this mango was named Maldia. He made a filter with earthen pots under the tree to water the mango tree. One day, who will break this pot of soil? The tree continues to grow in the broken pot and catches a lot of mangoes during the season. When this delicious mango was taken to the market for sale, farmer Nafal Uddin said that this delicious variety of mango has been grown from the tree of the broken pot. Since then, this tree has become known as the haribhanga mango tree.

The mother tree planted by Nafal Uddin, the root-bearer of Haribhanga, is still standing high in Tekani village of Khoratree of Mithapukur of Rangpur. The ancient tree is about 63 years old. Thousands of pens have been made from this tree and the saplings of Haribhanga have been spread.

The taste and smell of bone-broken mangoes is different from other mangoes. The upper part of this fiberless mango is quite thick and wide and the bottom part is sticky. Usually, compared to other mangoes, this mango matures after a while. Even if the bones are broken, there is some green and has a light yellowish color. Each mango weighs up to 400-700 grams. A special feature of pot-broken mangoes is that even if the skin is crushed, the mango does not decompose easily. To eat broken mangoes, you have to wait till the middle of the season.

How to go

From Dhaka, you can go to Rangpur district by bus and train. From Dhaka, hanif, green line, SR, Agamoni, Shyamoli, Nabil or TR transport buses can go to Rangpur. You can also go to Rangpur by boarding the Rangpur Express train from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka. From Rangpur, you can go to haribhanga mango orchard located in Mithapukur by local transport.

Where to stay

Hotel Northview, Hotel Kaspia, Hotel Shah Amanat, Hotel Golden Tower, Hotel Friends Residential, Hotel Raj Residential, Hotel Garden etc. are residential hotels in Rangpur district.

Where to eat

There are some medium-quality restaurants in Mithapukur. And in Rangpur district, you will find high quality Bengali, Chinese and fast food restaurants. Shil Bilati potato is another notable food of Rangpur.
Places to visit in Rangpur district

Other places to visit in Rangpur include Payraband

Devi Chowdhury’s Rajbari, Laldighi Nine Dome Mosque, Prayas Sena Amusement Park, Binjagat Park, Tajhat Zamindar Bari.

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