Dhuppani Jhorna Rangamati

Dhuppani Jhorna is located at Orachari in Farua Union of Bilaichhari Upazila of Rangamati

Many people also callit as DuppaniJharnaAlthough it was previously hidden from the public eye, around 2000 a Buddhist meditation monk started meditating under the Duppani waterfall deep in the forest. First hemeditateddayLater, when the local people came to know that the Buddhist meditation monk went to serve at certain times of the day or on occasions, this spring became known to the public.

In Tanchangya word dhup means white and pani is called pani ie spring of white water. Basically the water of this spring is clear and when its water falls from a great height, it is only seen as white. Hence it is called Dhup water fountain. Its height from the plain is about 150 meters in which various wild animals like deer, wild boar, wild cats, snakes roam. Sometimes there are even footprints and eyes of tiger bears. The sound of splashing water of this spring can be heard from a distance of about 2 km. And during the rainy season it is more evident.

Dhuppani Jhorna

How to go to Dhuppani Jharna

Go to Kaptai from Dhaka and hire a trawler from the launch ghat there in 2 hours and 30 minutes to Bilaichari. On the way to eat and drink, buy Bilaichari market. There are two ways to go from Kaptai to Bilaichhari. – Reserve trawlers or local trawlers. If you want to reserve a trawler, rent between 1000-1500. Be sure to buy it. And if done in local troller, everyone will pay 55 taka. And the first local trawler departs from Kaptaighat at 8.30 am. Then left after 1/1.30. From Bilaichhari, another 2 hours have to cross the hilly Dhal river to Uluchhari. Of course, take a guide in Uluchhari, the guide fee will be like 500 taka.

Have a light breakfast, take a Kosha boat from Uluchhari to the hilly water bank (money negotiable), now walk to Dhuppani Para (2.30 hours trekking). Go barefoot, otherwise you can read a good trekking guide, don’t take too much time on the way, there will be many drops. Definitely follow the route shown by the guide, reach Dhuppani Para in 2.15-2.30 minutes. 200 meters down from Dhuppani Para is the heavenly Dhuppani Falls. It takes about 30 minutes to go from Dhuppani Para to Dhuppani Jharna.

Don’t forget to take some dry food with you before you go. Contact for Trawler: Sailor Name Sujan – 01861792452, Boat Rent: 1000-1500 Nibe (Kaptai-Bilaichhari)

Where will you stay

Accommodation is available in Bilichari. If the trawler goes to reserve, ask the trawler to stop the trawler at the hospital wharf. Get off the trawler and board quietly. Double bed 500 taka, single bed maybe 300 taka. The Proprietor of Niribili Boarding is Sanjay Talukder and his number is: 01553-128673 / 01827-722905

Where to eat

If you want to eat in Bilaichhari, you can eat at Bakul’s shop. Besides, there is a hotel called “Bhatghar” with quiet boarding. food is good Especially fish items. domestic environment The price is comparatively low. Besides, there are many hotels in the market.

Precautions while travelling

Take the national identity card with you. If you do not have a national identity card , take a birth registration certificate. If you don’t have that, student ID card, and if you are an employee, you have to take the ID card of that institution. Army camp will want to see identity card. Take mosquito repellent with you. Sufficient amount of polythene, suitable shoes/sandals for trekking, if you don’t want to leave Kaptai at 6 am.

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