Desh Travels Online Ticket Booking, Price, Counter Number & Schedule 2023

You’ve arrived to the right site if you’re seeking for details on Desh Travels’ online ticket purchasing, rates, counter numbers, and timetables for 2023. With a fleet of 45 non-airconditioned and 32 conditioned buses, Desh Travels is one of the top luxury bus operators in Bangladesh.

Desh Travels provides tours to a variety of locations, including an overseas trip to Kolkata. This article contains all the information you need to order tickets online with Desh Travels, including rates, counter numbers, and the most recent schedule for 2023.

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Information About Desh Travels Bus 

Desh Travels was established in 2012 and is a division of the Jamuna Industrial Agro Group. The Hino 1J Plus Bus and three AC buses were the first buses in the bus service. Desh Travels now runs a total of 77 buses, covering a variety of locations in Bangladesh, including Rajshahi, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Jessore, and Benapole. The fleet has grown throughout the years. These routes offer comfortable and secure travel for passengers.

The Hyundai buses that Desh Travels imports from Korean manufacturers are one of its features since they offer passengers a comfortable ride. The business has grown to be among the biggest national transportation service providers and places a high priority on the convenience and safety of its clients.
Information About Desh Travels BusBus Company Official Name: Desh Travels
Established Year: 2012

  • Chairman Rokeya Quader is the founder.
  • Total Number of Buses for Desh Travels: 32 AC and 45 Non-AC
  • Desh Travels Services provides passenger transportation on roads in Bangladesh and beyond.
  • Desh Travels’ headquarters are located at 7 Mirpur Road in Dhaka, and its phone number is 01762-684440.
  • Official Website: Official Social Media:

Information About Desh Travels Bus

Knowing where and how to reach the transportation booths for ticket purchases and other enquiries is crucial before beginning any travel. Travelers can more easily locate the closest counter thanks to Desh Travels’ numerous locations around Bangladesh.

Desh travels contact number

We have created a list of Desh Travels bus counters along with their contact information to help you locate the appropriate counter quickly and easily. Please take note of the following details:

Desh Travels Bus Counter and Contact Number by Division Dhaka Counters:

  • Technical: 01762-684404 
  • Gabtali: 01762-684433
  • For Arambagh, call 02-7192345, 01762-684430, or 01709-989436.
  • Savar: 01762-684434 ,02-8091612 and 01762-684403 
  • Sohrab Pump 02-8091613, 01762-684440
  • Abdullah Pur: 01762-684432 
  • Kalabagan: 02-9124544, 01762-684431, and 01709-989435
  • Uttara BMS 01762-684438 , 01762-685091 
  • Uttara Ajampur
  • Fakirapul: 01762-620932 
  • Mohakhali: 01705-430566

Desh Travels Bus Chittagong Counters

Desh Travels offers services between Dhaka and Chittagong as well as from Chittagong to Dhaka. In Chittagong, there are various bus stops. We gave Desh Transport the phone numbers and addresses for its ticket counters.

The Desh bus Travels service Chittagong Contact Number is further described in the table that follows.
Counter Address Contact Number

A K Khan Moore 01762-620934
Damapara 031-2857780, 01762-620935, 01709-989437
Bhatiyari 01705-416964
Sitakunda 01705-416965
Mirsharay 01705-416966
Barrier Hat 01705-416967

Desh Travels Bus Cox’s Bazar Counters

You are aware that Cox’s Bazar is a popular tourist destination because of this, many people travel there and return from there. Desh buses also establish a bus counter in this city for travelers where they may wait for the bus.
Below you can find the counter and contact number of Desh Travels for Cox’s Bazar city.

Counter Address Contact Number

Kalatoli Moore 01768-620936
Jhawtala 0341-63233, 01762-620937
Chakaria 01985-650479, 01689-840531
Desh Travels Bus Cox’s Bazar Counters
Desh Travels Bus Bandarban Counter

In Bandarban, Desh Travels Bus provides transportation services. There are counters in this region. We record the address and telephone number of the Bandarban counters. You may manage the location of your requirements counters and make calls to them from under the table as needed.

Counter Address Phone Number

Bandarban Bus Stand 0361-62093, 01704-539043, 01709-989438

Desh Travels Bus Rajshahi Counters

There are a few Desh Travels bus stops in the larger cities of the Rajshahi division. One of the most popular forms of transportation between Dhaka and Rajshahi is the Desh transport service.

If you’re looking for the Rajshahi Desh Bus counter’s phone number and address, you’ve come to the right place. The list that follows can be used to learn more about Rajshahi.

Counter Address Contact Number

Rajshahi City 01762-684415
Godagari 01762-684415
Rajabari 01762-684416
Hargram 01762-684419
Laxmipur 01762-684420
City Bypass 01762-684421
Kajala 01762-684422

Desh Travels Bus Jessore Counters

Additionally, Desh Travels maintains ticket booths in Jessore. Jessore is dotted with bus stops. At the counters in the waiting area, you can also wait for the bus. You may find a list of Jessore’s ticket booths in the accompanying table, along with their phone numbers.

Counter Address Contact Number

Jessore New Market 01733-351943
Jessore Garikhana 01733-351942
Benapole Bazar 01733-351941
Benapole Border 01733-351940

Desh Travels Bus Natore Counters

Natore also has many Desh bus stoppages or counters. From the table below you get all the counter locations and Desh
travels counter contact numbers of this transport. For your favor, we sort the table with all counters with their contact numbers of Desh Travels Paribahan.

Counter Address Contact Number

Natore City 01762-684402, 0771-62711
Beneshor 01762-684425
Puthia 01762-684426
Banpara 01762-684427
Baraai Grame 01762-684428
Noabazar 01762-684428

Desh Travels Bus Chapainawabganj Counters

Chapainawabganj is a region in Bangladesh’s North Bengal. The Desh transport is also active in this city and there are some counters of this transport. From the counter, travelers can manage tickets and can rest and wait for the Desh bus.
The exact location of the Desh bus counters and tier contract number is given below as per your need you can collect the info from the list.

Counter Address Contact Number

Chapai 01762-684401
Sotrarajpur 01762-685095
Ghor Stand 01762-684414
Maharajpur 01762-685059
Binudpur 01762-684423
Kangshat 01762-684411
Shibganj 01762-684412
Ranihat 01762-684413

Desh Travels Bus Khulna Counters

Desh Travels provides services throughout Khulna. Like other areas, Khulna also has Desh bus counters in different places in the city. You can select one counter which is nearest to you. The Desh Travels counter number with location is given under as a list.

Counter Address Phone Number

Boro Bazar 01402-040204
Royal More 01318-333992

Desh Travels Bus Kolkata Counters

As Desh Travel bus provides their transport services across the border of Bangladesh till Kolkata, they also have counters there. For the Kolkata travelers, we gather the Desh Travels bus counters and contact numbers and sort a table with the info.

If you feel the need you can collect the Desh Travels counter contact number from the list in the table.

Counter Address Phone Number

Petraol Check Post 0091-03215245241
Kolkata 0091-9073400184, 0091-9073400185

Desh Travels Bus Time Schedule

Every transport maintains their timetable or time schedule as per company say. Like others, The Desh Travels bus also maintains its own timetable. The schedule of the Desh bus is different for different routes and also depends on locations.

The basic schedule of the Desh Travels bus is given below. You can choose your preferred schedule based on where you are.

Road First Trip Last Trip

Dhaka – Bandarban 11:00 PM 11:00 PM
Dhaka – Chapainawabganj 06:15 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Chittagong 06:50 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Comilla 01:30 PM 05:30 PM
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar 08:00 AM 09:00 PM
Dhaka – Feni 08:00 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Gopalganj 06:15 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Jessore 06:15 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Khagrachari 11:15 PM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Magura 06:15 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Narail 06:15 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Nator 06:15 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Rajshahi 06:15 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Sirajganj 06:15 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Benapol 06:15 AM 11:15 PM
Dhaka – Puthai 06:15 AM 11:59 PM
Dhaka – Kansat 09:45 AM 10:15 PM
Dhaka – Kolkata 03:30 PM 11:15 PM

Desh Travels Bus Ticket Price

The ticket price of the Desh Travels bus varies depending on your location, class of bus, and service. Because the Desh bus company operates many different classes of the bus in the country. The all-class bus ticket price is not the same. The location and distance are other causes of ticket costs high and low.

For various classes of services and routes, The Desh Travels bus offers a variety of ticket prices. To know the ticket Price as per location and service you should follow below the table. Here we gather all class ticket prices for Desh transport.

Desh Travels AC Bus Ticket Price

Road Coach Type Ticket Price
Dhaka – Bandarban AC 1700 BDT
Dhaka – Chapainawabganj AC 1500 BDT
Dhaka – Chittagong AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Comilla AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar AC 2000 BDT
Dhaka – Feni AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Jessore AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Khagrachari AC 1600 BDT
Dhaka – Magura AC 1300 BDT
Dhaka – Nator AC 1300 BDT
Dhaka – Rajshahi AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Sirajganj AC 1300 BDT
Dhaka – Benapol AC 1500 BDT
Dhaka – Puthai AC 1400 BDT
Dhaka – Kolkata AC 1900 BDT
Desh Travels AC Bus Ticket Price
Desh Travels Non-AC Bus Ticket Price
Road Coach Type Ticket Price
Dhaka – Chapainawabganj Non-AC 830 BDT
Dhaka – Chittagong Non-AC 900 BDT
Dhaka – Comilla Non-AC 1000 BDT
Dhaka – Cox’s Bazar Non-AC 1200 BDT
Dhaka – Feni Non-AC 900 BDT
Dhaka – Gopalganj Non-AC 500 BDT
Dhaka – Jessore Non-AC 650 BDT

Dhaka – Magura Non-AC 600 BDT
Dhaka – Narail Non-AC 550 BDT
Dhaka – Nator Non-AC 590 BDT
Dhaka – Rajshahi Non-AC 710 BDT
Dhaka – Sirajganj Non-AC 500 BDT
Dhaka – Benapol Non-AC 750 BDT
Dhaka – Puthai Non-AC 670 BDT
Dhaka – Kansat Non-AC 890 BDT
Dhaka – Kolkata Non-AC 1100 BDT

Routes Of Desh Travels Bus Paribahan

Desh Travels, in contrast to Dhaka and Bangladesh, provides bus service in the district town. Their primary target is travelers. Desh Paribahan is a well-known bus company in Bangladesh for its extensive nationwide route network.

The most well-known Desh Travels Bus Paribahan routes are Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Sylhet, Dhaka to Rangpur, Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, Dhaka to Bandarban, and many other routes.

You must confirm the bus type and desired routes with Desh Travels transportation prior to your trip. You can get more information about it by calling the Desh Travels counter number. Before making a reservation, Desh Travels Bus Paribahan should always be consulted regarding the most recent schedule and routes.

Desh Travels Bus Service

The Desh Travels bus is a popular transport for its best service. Air conditioning, audiovisual entertainment, and charging ports for electronic devices may be available on Desh Travels buses. Additionally, the service may offer executive and luxury class seating options.

Every day, thousands of people throughout the country use their bus service. This transportation company’s top priority is its clients’ comfort and safety. As a result, they are now one of the largest nationwide providers of transportation services. Desh Travels Bus Service BD offers both ac and non-ac bus services.

They distribute buses from Dhaka to other divisions and inter-district. Not only in the country the Desh bus provides their service till Kolkata now. On the other hand, Desh Travels online ticket booking service is available in this transport. Day by day the transports get more popular for their quality service and the passengers are also satisfied with their service.

Desh Travels Sleeping Coach

A sleeping coach is a type of bus made for overnight travel. The seats on these buses typically have the ability to swivel into flat beds, making it simpler for passengers to sleep on them while they travel.

Mostly at night, If your trip with a Desh Travels bus you get a comfortable height and you don’t feel that’s a journey. The passengers who travel once at least with the Desh Travels sleeping coach can’t forget this journey.

These types of buses are typically used for long-distance travel and if you want to travel with this transport you should contact the Desh Travels counter number. Because the bus is not available on all routes.

So, for the sleeping service bus, you need to ensure that your preferred locations have this bus available or not. Traveling in a sleeping coach is pleasant and comfortable at first. On this bus, you’ll sleep like you’re in your own bedroom.

Desh Travels Hyundai Bus

The Desh Travels bus also offers you a Hyundai bus and you know that this type of bus provides luxurious service. The features and amenities of this transport are mind-blowing and it is well known by all for this excellent service and unique feature.

As the special services bus, the Hyundai bus ticket is more expensive than the other general bus. Air conditioning, reclining seats, and entertainment systems are all available there.

But this Hyundai bus is not available on all routes, it is just acting on some routes in the country. So if you want to trip with the Hyundai bus then first you make sure that the bus is active on your selected route or not. And for the information, you can contact the Desh Travels counter number which is near by you.

Desh Travels Online Ticket Booking Process

You know that nowadays ticket finding is very easy and comfortable. Like other transport service companies, The Desh Travels online ticket booking is active for the passenger.

Once you need to buy a ticket to suffer many hassles and that was very time. But you can book or buy the Desh Travels bus ticket from your home within a short time and without any trouble.

The Desh Travels bus offers travelers to get tickets online so that the passengers of this transport can save time and be helpful for all.

Book Ticket Online from Desh Travels Official Website

If you want to buy the ticket online you can do it through Desh Travels online ticket booking system. It is simple and there are many options for payment such as Visa Card, Mastercard, American Express, DBBL Nexus, Bkash, EBL, Surecash, BRAC Bank, and Citibank.

It is a matter of joy that travelers can purchase Desh Travels tickets online.

Desh Travels Online Ticket Booking Process

First, use the address to access the website.
Now select LEAVING FROM and GOING TO option.
Then select the travel DATE.
Now click on the SEARCH BUTTON. After a few seconds, you will see all the bus time schedules and ticket prices.
Now select any bus from now according to your travel time. However, before selecting, please review the DEPARTING TIME, COACH TYPE, ARRIVAL TIME, TICKET PRICE, etc.
Next, select the desired SEAT NUMBER. Your selected sets are marked as a Green color.

After that, click on the CONFIRM BUTTON.
At last, make the ticket payment.
Now check your mail. Your ticket copy will send already.
You can print the ticket or save it on your phone.

So, it is an easy way for the passenger Desh Travels online ticket booking within a very short time.

Buying Desh Travels Ticket from the Actual Counter

If you want to buy the ticket directly from the counter then you need to go to your nearest Desh Travels counter or Contact the Desh Travels counter number.

Desh Travels e-Ticket

A digital version of a conventional paper ticket is known as an e-ticket or electronic ticket. It is used to buy and book travel reservations like flights, trains, and buses. Desh Travels is a travel agency that sells tickets for trains, buses, and flights among other modes of transportation.

If you booked your ticket through Desh Travels, you will receive an e-ticket via email or PDF file. You can either show it on your mobile device or print it out when you travel.

Your reservation information, such as the time of departure and arrival, seat number, and booking reference number, will be included in this e-ticket.

An e-ticket lets you skip the hassle of waiting in line at the bus counter. To purchase an e-ticket, visit the Desh Travels official website’s “Online Ticket Booking” section. For payment of e-tickets, you can also use mobile banking, debit, or credit card.

After successfully getting your e-ticket book you will get an sms and you need to confirm to carry the e-ticket always on your trips.

Best Facilities of Desh Travels Bus

If you want to make your journey comfortable, easy, enjoyable, and safe then the Desh Travels bus is proper for you. It offers you excellent and maximum facilities. The best facilities are given below with briefly described. There are:

Luxury bus service: With features like reclining seats, air conditioning service makes traveling luxurious and comfortable.
Sleeper bus service: This service is ideal for traveling long distances and provides passengers with sleeping berths so they can rest during the trip.
Service by AC Bus: Desh Travels offers AC Bus service on some routes, which is a comfortable way to travel in hot weather.
Volvo Bus service: Desh Travels offers Volvo Bus service on some routes, which are known for being safe and comfortable.

Charging ports: This is a popular service for which travelers can charge their devices on the bus which makes their trip enjoyable.
WiFi Service: On the bus, you get a free wifi service and can use unlimited.
Snacks: A light snack is provided by Desh Travels for minor hunger pangs.
Water Bottle: A water bottle is provided to you for free by Desh Travels.
Reading Light: For reading books, the Desh bus has a mild light.
Air fresheners: They use nice fragrances to freshen the air inside the bus.
Hope the facilities make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Desh Travel

  • There are a lot of good reasons to choose the Desh Travels bus for your trip. Some topics are briefly described below about the Desh Travels transport and their service.
  • Security and safety: Desh Travels is committed to the passenger for their security and safety. It is well-known for safety and security. The drivers are well-trained. Therefore, you won’t encounter many desperate bus riders.
  • First Class: Desh Travels is an example of a person with a high level of education and good manners. The fancy-minded people always prefer the Desh Travels bus service as a first-class bus.
  • Price and service: With the quality it provides, the price is reasonable. During our travel, we observed that the employees and supervisor behave professionally as well.
  • Professional and comfort: The bus engine quality, seat positions, and get-up are all quite good. The desh bus will make you feel at ease when you travel.
  • Amenities: The amenities of this bus are always the best and upper class. That’s why travelers get satisfied.
  • Overall the benefit, it is better to select the Desh Travels bus and make a trip with the transport.
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  • Can I bring more than 20 kg of luggage on the Desh Travels bus?
  • You can only carry up to 10 kg without pay and for more than 10kg you need to pay.
  • How safe is the Desh Travels bus for women?
  • Safety and security is the main priority of Desh transport. So you can travel by bus without any confusion.
  • Is the cost of a Desh Travels ticket high?

It’s not as expensive as the bus service and high-quality travel offered by their rivals. The cost is manageable.

desh travels online ticket

Online ticket sales for Desh Travels buses are they possible?

Yes, you can buy tickets directly from their website.
We will make every effort to include the correct and most recent information in our article. I hope the details concerning Desh Travels’ online ticket ordering system, counter locations, ticket costs, and bus schedule were useful to you. Please share any further information you may have in the comment section. If the business modifies any information, we will quickly update the information. I appreciate you sticking around.

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