Cox’s Bazar beach

Cox’s Bazar is a famous district of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar beach is the world famous natural monument in this district . This 120 km long continuous beach is the longest beach in the world. The scenic beauty of Cox’s Bazar has raised Bangladesh to a unique status among travelers from all over the world. Not only the geographical features but also the unique natural diversity like Cox’s Bazar is not seen anywhere else in the world.

Cox’s Bazar is a famous city in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. It has the longest continuous beach in the world. The length of this beach extending from Cox’s Bazar city to Badarmokam in Teknaf is 120 km. There are many variations in this long stretch of plains. Cox’s Bazar is the most famous and popular beach for enjoying the immense beauty of the Bay of Bengal. This beach is surrounded by mountains and jungles.

Cox's Bazar beach

History of Cox’s Bazar

In the past, Cox’s Bazar was known as Panoa. Panoy means yellow flower. Besides, another name of this region was Palangki. From the beginning of the 9th century until 1616, a large part of Chittagong, including Cox’s Bazar, belonged to the Arakan Kingdom. Later the Mughals took over the region.

Shah Shuja, the second letter of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, was enthralled by the beauty of Cox’s Bazar on his way to Arakan along the hilly road. His journey halted at a place called Dulahazara in Chakriar, Cox’s Bazar with 1000 palanquins in his fleet.

Dulhazra means thousand palangki. After the Mughals, the Portuguese and then the British took over Cox’s Bazar. The name of this area was changed from Palangki to Cox’s Bazar and is in the hands of the British. After 1773 the British East India Company appointed an officer named Captain Hiram Cox as the Director General of Palangki. Captain Cox played an important role in resolving the thousand-year-old conflict between the Arakans and Rakhines. After Mr. Cox died, a market was established in 1799 to commemorate his contribution. It was named Mr. Cox’s Bazar. The area continued to grow from there. A police station was established here in 1854 and the area was elevated to a municipality in 1869, and since then the area came to be known as Cox’s Bazar.

About twenty five to three million tourists visit Cox’s Bazar every year. Tourism officials believe that this number could be higher. Because in recent times people of Bangladesh are more interested in traveling than before. One of the reasons why Cox’s Bazar is popular among tourists is the size of this beach. Tourist traffic is not equal in all parts of such a long beach. Labani Point, Sugandha Point, Kalatali Point and Dolphin Point within Cox’s Bazar city are comparatively more popular. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of these populated areas, you can walk along the sea shore for miles and miles.

On any holiday, Cox’s Bazar is crowded with tourists. Cox’s Bazar is one of the major tourist centers of the world like Bangladesh. That’s why it is normal to have a crowd of tourists here. Despite having the longest beaches in the world, the huge population of this country leaves such a wide range for travel enthusiasts.

Cox’s Bazar beach is an enchanting beach. Its appearance changes every day like summer monsoon winter or spring the beauty of the beach is different in every season. Besides, the shape of the sea is one in the morning and its appearance is completely different in the afternoon. The calm and mellow look of the ocean at dawn will enchant anyone. Since Cox’s Bazar is crowded with tourists throughout the day, there is no alternative to early morning to spend some quiet time at the beach here. Sunrise from Cox’s Bazar cannot be enjoyed very well. Because most of the beaches here are facing west, but the view of Cox’s Bazar is worth watching at sunset. Among all the variety here, the most enjoyable thing is the spectacular sunset of Cox’s Bazar. One day’s sunset in Cox’s Bazar can’t be matched by the beautiful glow of another day’s sunset.

Besides, there is a big difference between the beach atmosphere at dusk and the nighttime conditions. Because of this unique feature, every local and foreign tourist visiting Cox’s Bazar enjoys the sea with enchantment.

Although the flow of tourists abroad is not so noticeable recently, one of the reasons is that modern facilities for tourism have not been developed around this famous natural region. Therefore, although Cox’s Bazar beach is world famous, most of the tourists who visit here are the Bangladeshi people who are thirsty for travel.

The Cox’s Bazar beach has been on the top spot several times in the competition for the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Many feel that there was little publicity to retain the top spot, and as a result, this magical beach has not been able to get anywhere, let alone the top spot. Therefore, the status of Cox’s Bazar beach has not decreased even a bit, but Cox’s Bazar is shining in its glory.

Cox’s Bazar beach has various means of enjoying the beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Most of the visitors go to the beach and jump into the sea water. For those who don’t want to go deep into the sea, there are water bikes, beach bikes or horseback riding to enjoy the sea. Many people spend a luxurious vacation lying under an umbrella. Many of the tourists who come down to bathe in the deceptive and magical beaches are sometimes in danger and even died several times.

Lifeguards are deployed in Cox’s Bazar to carry out rescue operations in various untoward incidents. Every day from morning to five in the afternoon, life guard members monitor the safety of tourists taking a bath in the sea. But tourists also need to be aware to avoid any kind of accident.

According to the instructions of the tourism authorities, it is not recommended to go knee deep in the sea. But in most cases, tourists do not follow the instructions and it is very important to know the time of tide and low tide before entering the sea water.

Marine drive stretching from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf is one of the tourist attractions of the region. The length of the Marine Drive road is about 80 km, while driving on this road, almost the entire road can be seen from any vehicle. Several small waterfalls will be seen on the way along the Marine Drive road. Himchari Beach is located 12 km from Cox’s Bazar along the Marine Drive road.

This place is very popular among tourists for its beautiful scenery of mountains and sea. About 20 km away from Cox’s Bazar is the attractive Inani beach. A lot of coral rocks can be seen at Inani beach. This part is very similar to the beaches of Saint Martin. Inani has less tourist pressure than Cox’s Bazar, so you can spend some quiet time on your own.

During the day visitors can enjoy the waves of the sea, but at night there is not much to do on the beach. That’s why at night the markets built on the shores of the beach get crowded.

Women’s ornaments, various home decoration materials and various food items are the main products of these markets. Most products come from neighboring Myanmar, but there are products from Thailand, China and India. Various showpieces made of snails and oysters and fast food stalls and fast food shops are crowded at night.

Besides, many types of beach products are sold by ferries day and night. Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and local Sea Beach Management Committee have taken some necessary initiatives to beautify Cox’s Bazar beach. Several changing rooms, bathrooms and toilets have been set up on the beach for the convenience of tourists.

Only a few years ago there were no such facilities. Recently, there has been some improvement in the security system of Cox’s Bazar beach. The activities of Tourist Police for the safety of tourists on the beach are really commendable.

In the past, tourists had to face various types of harassment including beach robbery. But due to the activities of the tourist police, such incidents of harassment are almost non-existent now. Even in the middle of the night, tourists can roam the beach unhindered.

Cox’s Bazar has many hotels along Sagar Pare Hotels, Motels, Zone, Saikat Para and Marine Drive. Rooms are available from Tk 500 to Tk 50,000 for a night stay in a standard hotel to a five-star hotel. During the tourist season, it is very difficult to get a place for overnight stay in hotel-motel resort in Cox’s Bazar. Standard hotels have to be rented at high prices.

Cox’s Bazar is the largest marine fishing port in Bangladesh. More than a thousand fishing boats go to fish in the sea from different parts of Cox’s Bazar. Most of the fishermen take the fish from the sea to the Fishery Wharf in Cox’s Bazar for sale.

However, after catching fish in different places of Cox’s Bazar beach, you can see the situation of fishermen sharing their fish. You need to go to a quieter part of the beach so you don’t get such views in the popular tourist areas. A direction that visitors don’t usually go. Cox’s Bazar is the landing station of the submarine cable in Bangladesh that connects the entire world to the Internet.

Since the Rohingya crisis, international NGOs, including many UN agencies, have expanded their work in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar’s Motel Road has offices of several national and international organizations. Notable among them are UNHCR or the United Nations Refugee Agency, the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations Children’s Fund of UNICEF, the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees and Repatriation, etc.

Cox's Bazar beach

Where will you stay

The current capacity of hotels in Cox’s Bazar is about 150,000 people. So even if you do not book during the off season, you are guaranteed to get a hotel room, but it is better to book in advance from December 15 to January 15. Generally, Cox’s Bazar hotels/motels/resorts can be divided into three categories based on price.

Mermaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox Today, Heritage etc. between Rs.6,000 and Rs.10,000 .

Hotels between Rs 3,000 and Rs 6,000 are
Sea Crown, Sea Palace, Sea Gull, Coral Reef, Nitol Resort, Islandia, Beach View, Uni Resort etc.

Urmi Guest House, Coral Reef, Ikra Beach Resort, Abhisar, Media Inn, Kallol, St. Martin’s Resort, Honeymoon Resort, Neelima Resort etc. between Rs.800 and Rs.3,000 .

Hotels are available for less than the price mentioned above, in that case, you have to search a little in advance. Hotel rates are usually less than half off during the off season. If you have time, it is better to go down to Cox’s Bazar and find a hotel. If you want to stay at a cheap hotel or resort, you can look for hotels in the opposite lane in front of Long Beach Hotel, a little away from Kalatali Beach. If the hotel is away from the beach and the main road, the accommodation fares are generally lower. If necessary, you can collect information from the Facebook page or website of the hotel.

How to go to Cox’s Bazar Beach?

Cox’s Bazar can be reached from Dhaka by road, rail and air. Among the buses from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar are Saudia, S Alam Mercedes Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribahan, Sohag Paribahan, S. Alam Paribahan, Madan Line etc. are notable. Bus fares range from Tk 900 to Tk 2000 per seat depending on the class.

If you want to travel by train from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, you can travel by Sonar Bangla, Suban Express, Turna-Nishitha, Mahanagar Prabhati/Gomouli, Chittagong Mail from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station. Then S. from Chattogram’s Natan Bridge area or Dampara bus stand. Alam, Hanif, Unique etc. will get different types and quality of buses. The bus fare is 280 to 550 taka.

Many people want to go by air again to avoid the fatigue of long road journey. Several domestic flights of domestic airlines operate regularly between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar. In that case, you can go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar in just 40 minutes. Several airlines including Bangladesh Biman, NovoAir, US Bangla operate direct flights from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Besides, you can come to Chittagong by air and go to Cox’s Bazar by road.

Travel advice

⦿ Take help of tourist police in any problem. Hot Line +8801769-690740
⦿ Visit Cox’s Bazar in off season for low cost travel.
⦿ Bargain on everything and travel fares.
⦿ Ask the price before eating something in a restaurant.
⦿ Know the hotel details well before deciding on the hotel.
⦿ Go into the sea according to the tides.

Sightseeing places in Cox’s Bazar

If you visit Cox’s Bazar, you will see not only the beach, but also some other places of interest. According to your time and convenience, you can plan in advance where to visit. Notable places to visit nearby are:
Himchari, Inani Beach, Maheshkhali, Ramu Buddhist Vihar, Radiant Fish World, St. Martin

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