Zinda Park A Serene Escape in Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Zinda Park, a hidden gem that provides tranquillity and natural beauty to its visitors, is situated in Daudpur Union, Rupganj Upazila, Narayanganj District, Bangladesh. This park, located in the northeastern portion of the brand-new neighborhood of Purbachal next to the Dhaka Eastern Bypass Road, is the ideal getaway from the hectic city life. covering an area of approximately 100 bighas,

There are many attractions in Zinda Park, including a mosque, an Eidgah, a graveyard, a café, a community school, a clinic, and a library with beautiful architecture. Zinda Park has gained popularity as a location for tranquil retreats and family picnics because of its verdant landscape, attractive lake, and variety of flora and fauna.

Zinda Park
Exploring the Park’s Natural Beauty

Zinda Park’s stunning landscape, which provides a break from the concrete jungle, is one of its most alluring features. More than 10,000 plants in 250 different species may be found in the park, which has a tranquil and lush atmosphere. The lovely sounds of chirping birds will meet you as you stroll through the park, contributing to its serene atmosphere. The layout of trees gives plenty of shade, making it comfortable to be outside even on hot days. In addition, the park has five large lakes that add to the tranquil ambiance and give visitors a sense of peace.

Family-Friendly Picnic Spot

Family picnics have grown to be very popular at Zinda Park. It provides a variety of services and activities to make sure visitors of all ages have a memorable day out. A bamboo tea shop in the middle of the lake is accessible by a wooden bridge, which is one of the park’s features. Here, Making enduring memories with your loved ones while sipping tea amidst the park’s beautiful beauty is possible. You need not worry if you do not have a vehicle of your own because there are automobile and CNG services close to the park for your comfort. It is important to get in touch with the park management two to three days in advance so they can make arrangements for your group’s picnic meals, helping you to get the most out of your picnic experience.

The History of Zinda Park

In 1980, the “Agrapathik Palli Samiti” of the village oversaw the establishment of Zinda Park, which has a long and illustrious history. The park began its existence in 1981 under the name Shantikanan and was afterwards renamed Zinda Park. The park covers 100 bighas of land, of which 60 bighas were donated by Tabarak Hossain Kusum. A school and offices were first built on the park’s grounds, and as time went on, a library, a health center, a mosque, and other amenities were added.

Plan Your Visit to Zinda Park

Every day of the week, Zinda Park is open to guests, giving them a chance to get away from the bustle of the city. The park is open from nine until six every day. To ensure you are aware of any schedule modifications or special announcements, it is advised to visit the official website. Adults must purchase a Tk 150 entry ticket to visit the park, while Tk 50 tickets are required for entry for minors. Parking facilities are available for an extra Tk 50. The park’s library can be accessed for a small Tk 10 fee.

How to Reach Zinda Park

Aproximate 37 kilometers separate Zinda Park from Dhaka. The Kuril Bishwa Road Purbachal Highway, or 300 foot road, is the fastest and most beautiful way to get to the park. Two suggested routes can get you to Zinda Park:

Route 1: Traveling to Kanchan Bridge, take a BRTC bus on the Kuril Bishwa Road. Tk 30 is required for the bus fare. You can travel to Zinda Park Bypass from Kanchan Bridge by Laguna or Autoto at a fee of Tk 30–40 per person. You may find the park by following the signboards after telling the driver that you want to get off at the bypass. As an alternative, you can take a rickshaw for Tk 100 from Kanchan Bridge that will take you right to the park’s entrance. Buses run this route (exclusively BRTC buses) every 15 minutes from Kuril Bishwa Road to Kanchan Bridge
Route 2: There is also a Kanchpur Bridge route that bypasses Tongi Mir Bazar and Bhulta Gauchia on the way to Zinda Park.

Facilities and Dining Options

To make sure that its visitors have a nice stay, Zinda Park provides a variety of amenities. Mahua Snacks and Mahua Foods, a restaurant inside the park, sell meal packages for Tk 220 and Tk 270. These packages offer a range of choices, including rice, vegetables, lentils, and meat meals made of beef, chicken, or mutton. The park administration will also take requests for picnic fare in advance as long as they are confirmed at least one day in advance. You can pay an additional Tk 25 to bring your own food to the park if you’d like to. Additionally, Nakshipally in Purpachal is a great spot to look into for more reasonably priced food and drink options.

Contact Information and Travel Tips

You can use the following contact information to arrange your visit or learn more about Zinda Park:

Website: http://zindapark.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/zindaparkbd/
Email: shahin.swd007@gmail.com
Phone: +880 1716260908, +880 1715025083, +880 1816070377

It is important to respect the environment and keep Zinda Park tidy while you visit. Please be considerate visitors and refrain from littering and using loudspeakers inside the park’s boundaries.

Together with your loved ones, experience the peace and natural beauty of Zinda Park and make priceless memories. Plan your trip now to take advantage of a cooling break from the busy city life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Zinda Park’s hours of operation? 

Every day of the week from 9 am to 6 pm, Zinda Park is open. It is best to check the official website for any updates to the operating hours, though. 
2. How much is Zinda Park’s entrance fee? 
Zinda Park has an entrance fee of Tk 150 for adults and Tk 50 for kids. The cost of parking facilities is Tk 50 extra, and entrance to the park’s library costs Tk 10.

3. Is Zinda Park open to outside food and drink? 

You are permitted to bring your own food into Zinda Park. For outside meals, there is an extra fee of Tk 25, nevertheless. 

4. Are there any dining establishments within Zinda Park? 
Yes, there is a restaurant in Zinda Park named Mahua Snacks and Mahua Foods. Meal packages there start at Tk 220. These bundles come with a range of rice, lentils, and veggie and meat recipes.

5. How can I get from Dhaka to Zinda Park? 

The 300-foot Kuril Bishwa Road Purbachal Highway is the suggested route from Dhaka to Zinda Park. From Kuril Bishwa Road, take a BRTC bus to Kanchan Bridge, and then go by Laguna or Autoto to Zinda Park Bypass. As an alternative, you can take a rickshaw to the park from Kanchan Bridge.

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