Sohag Palli Park and Resort Gazipur A Perfect Getaway in Nature’s Lap


Sohag Palli Park and Resort in Gazipur, Bangladesh, stands out as a standout location when looking for a tranquil getaway from the rush of city life. This lovely resort, set in quiet natural surroundings, offers the ideal balance of peace and action. Sohag Palli Park and Resort is the ideal escape that satisfies all of your needs, whether you are a lover of nature, an adventurer, or just searching for a peaceful respite.

One of  Bangladesh’s top resorts and picnic areas is Sohag Palli. This Sohag community has created a nice environment utilizing many sorts of local flowers, fruits, and plants. It is located on roughly 10 acres of land in Kalampur village, 4 km north-east of Chandra Mor, Gazipur.

Everyone is drawn to Shohag Palli Park and Resort (Shohag Palli Park and Resort) because of its cutting-edge amenities, lush surroundings, and artistically decorated hanging Sanko erected over the water body. Another example of artistic expression can be seen in the many crafts carved on the pillars and balconies. On the east side of the reservoir, there is a two-story restaurant. The eatery’s name is Mejban. Here, a lake has been created artificially. In order for there to always be water and a variety of fish to float in it.

সোহাগ পল্লী পার্ক ও রিসোর্ট

There is no cost to enter Sohag Village.
Entrance is free for guests with Rs. Contact – For more details, call 01321-156888 or 01321-213232.

Directions to Sohag Palli

Get off at the Chandra intersection of the Dhaka-Tangail highway using your own vehicle or a passenger bus by way of the Gazipur crossroads. Sohag Palli may be found 4 kilometers north-east of Chandra Mor after arriving at Kalampur village.

Where are you staying?

Champa, Lotus, Rose, Malti, Popi, and Shapla are some of the variously priced AC and Non AC cottages at Sohag Palli. Additionally, there are 20 non-AC rooms and 17 AC rooms, both of which are tastefully decorated and open to anyone.

The resort has several high-quality cottages. The lake runs right in front of the cottages. There is a swimming pool and a hall room for conferences. There are 40 officers to provide round the clock service. There are also high mountains. Below which there is a yawning face of a demon on one side, a jug full of water in the lap of a beautiful lady above and two portraits of a giraffe and a deer on either side in front of the hill.

Sohag Palli Park and Resort

Places to eat

The total seating capacity of the restaurant, which serves cuisines from all around the world, is 150 people. Additionally, a variety of meals are available, including morning and afternoon tea. You can plan Gai Yellow events here for birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations if you so like. Live music is also available.

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