Puthia Rajbari, Rajshahi

Maharani Hemantakumari Devi resides in Puthia Rajbari or Panchani Zamindarbari. Rajshahi’s Puthia Rajbari is a part of Bengal’s archaeological legacy. The present two-story rectangular palace was constructed in 1895 by Maharani Hemantakumari Devi in a lovely Indo-European design. Only 1 kilometer separates Rajshahi-Natore highway from Puthia Rajbari, which is located 30 kilometres from Rajshahi divisional city. The entrance to the two-story, multi-chambered Puthia Rajbari is through a lion door on the north side. From here, zamindars or kings used to manage their regal affairs. Laskarpur Degree College is currently operating out of the Puthia Rajbari under the direction of the Directorate of Archaeology. There are also a number of striking temples in this area. Puthia is also known as the “city of temples” for this reason.

Puthia Rajbari Rajshahi

There are several names for the moats that encircle Puthia Rajbari. In Rajbari, there is a sizable pond known as Shyamsagar in addition to Shiva Sarovar, also known as Shivsagar, Marachowki, Bekichowki, Gopalchowki, and Govinda Sarovar moats. Here, zamindar-built temples and two palaces still survive. The four-story Puthia Dol temple, the enormous Shiva temple or Bhubaneswar temple built in 1823 AD, the large Ahnik temple constructed in the Dochala style, the Govinda temple situated on the grounds of the Puthia Panchani zamindar bari, and others are among them. Daily hours for Puthia Rajbari are 9 am to 5 pm.

How to get to Puthia Rajbari?

You must first travel to Rajshahi district if you wish to visit Puthia Rajbari. From Dhaka, Rajshahi is reachable by air, rail, and road. From Gabtali and Kalyanpur in Dhaka, AC and non-AC buses operated by Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribahan, Desh Travels, National Travels, Bablu Enterprise, and others travel to Rajshahi. Rent should be 400–1,000 Tk. The Dhaka-Rajshahi route is serviced by a number of trains that depart from Kamalapur railway station in Dhaka. Padma Express departs at 11:10 PM, while Silkcity Express departs at 2:40 PM. Tuesdays are the only days that Padma Express and Silkcity Express are both closed. 350/1080 Tk in rent. Regular flights between Dhaka and Rajshahi are run by a number of different airlines out of Dhaka International Airport. Rent is 3,500 or 4,500 Tk.

From Rajshahi city, take any bus headed for Natore, and get off at the Puthia bus stop on the Rajshahi-Natore highway. From the bus stop, it takes 5–10 minutes to walk to Puthia Rajbari. If you like, you can ride in a rickshaw. About 1 mile separates you from the bus stop.

Puthia Rajbari Rajshahi

Where will you stay

In Puthia, Zilla Parishad has two post office cottages. If you want, you can remain here. To do this, though, the Zilla Parishad’s approval is required, as does payment of the required rent. Phone number for the executive officer of Zilla Parishad is 0721-776348. Additionally, there are a few residential hotels close to the Puthia bus stop. You may also stay there. Alternately, you could stay in Rajshahi. In Rajshahi city, there are several high-quality hotels to choose from. 500/3,500 Tk in rent. Below are a few of them.

Motel owned by Bangladesh Tourism Corporation:

A short distance from Rajshahi Zoo. Bookings can be made from Dhaka. Rent: 1,900 for a single AC room, 2,600 for a double AC room, and 4,600 for a suite. Call 02-8833229, 02-8834600 (Dhaka), or 0721-775237 (Rajshahi) for more information. Location of Hotel Nice International in Ganakpara. Please call 0721-776188.

International Hotel Dallas:

Situated in Bindu Mor. Phone number: 0721-8811470 Location of Hotel Mukta International: Saheb Bazar. Please call 0721-771100. Malopara’s Hotel Shukran is situated there. Please call 0721-771817.

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