Nandan Park: The Ultimate Amusement Destination near Dhaka, Bangladesh

The largest theme park in Bangladesh is called Nandan Park, and it is situated in Savar Upazila, close to Dhaka, the nation’s capital. This gorgeous park, which spans 33 acres in Ashulia’s Nabinagar area along the Chandra Highway, provides both inhabitants and visitors with a delightful getaway. Nandan Park is a paradise of greenery and excitement that was established in 2003 with support from India’s Nico Park Resort and expatriate Bangladeshis using technology and design from the UK.

Nandan Park
A Multifaceted Experience

Along with being a theme park, Nandan Park serves as a performance venue during holidays including Victory Day, Independence Day, Eid, Puja, and the First of the Month of Baishakh. It is also a great place for business gatherings, meetings, and seminars. The park takes pride in offering a safe setting with a rigorous security system and a hawker-free environment.

Thrilling Rides and Attractions

There is something for everyone at Nandan Park thanks to its extensive selection of both domestic and foreign rides. The Cable Car, Webpool, Zip Glide, Rock Climbing, Rippling, Moon Wrecker, Cutter Pillar, Water Coaster, Iceland, Paddle Boat, and even a water wall are a few of the well-known rides. These exciting attractions guarantee to amuse and enchant visitors for the duration of their stay.

Price of a nandan park ticket

The entrance charge to Nandan Park is 90 taka. However, choosing a package makes financial sense because it offers significant savings over buying individual ride tickets once you’ve arrived at the park. The entry fee to the park and access to all of the rides in the Water World area are 250 taka. All rides (with the exception of Water World) are free for children under 4 feet tall who pay 150 taka to enter the park. For 200 taka, those under 5 feet tall can access the park and all of the attractions, while kids under 3 feet tall can enter for free. Each ride has a ticket booth within the park where guests can buy tickets for the attractions they want to see. The cost of a ride normally ranges between 10 and 30 taka.

Operating Hours

From Sunday through Thursday, 11 am to 8 pm, guests are welcome at Nandan Park. The park opens early on Fridays and Saturdays, from 10 am to 8 pm, providing for longer hours of enjoyment.

Getting to Nandan Park

Nandan Park can be reached in roughly two hours by bus from Mitjheel or Gulisthan in Dhaka. Hanif, Super, and Ajmeri are dependable bus companies that offer transportation to the park. Routes from Motijheel to Gulisthan, Mog Bazar, Mohakhali, Banani Uttara, and Ashulia EPJET are run by Ababil Transport. Itihasa Paribahan, Welcome, BRTC Bus, Red Green AC Bus, Savar Transport, Address, and Address Express are more options for transportation. Private vehicles are another practical method of transportation, and there is enough of parking space in front of Nandan Park for about 1,500 vehicles.

Contact Information

Please refer to the following contact information for any questions or additional information:
Corporate Office
9A, Suhrawardy Avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212
Phone: 9890283, 9890921, 9890949

Travel Tips

Since the trip to Nandan Park takes about two hours, make plans to depart from Dhaka early in the morning. Visit the Nandan Park website for the most recent details on the various packages and deals. To ensure their safety, use caution and keep kids away from the Webpool rides. It is best to stay away from particular rides if you have any worries or apprehensions about them. Every day of the week, Nandan Park is open, giving visitors plenty of chances to have fun. The park is free to enter for kids under 3 feet tall.

Together with your loved ones, experience the excitement and delight of Nandan Park and make lifelong memories. Enjoy the thrills, fun, and enchantment that this amazing amusement park has to offer!

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