Maddhyapara Hardrock Mine In Bangladesh

Madhyapara Hard Rock Mine is one of the largest rock mining areas in Bangladesh. It is located in Dinajpur, Rangpur division.

What is solid rock

It is a matter of pride for Bangladesh that the world’s only granite mine located underground away from the sea is located in Bangladesh. At the same time, it is the only underground stone mine in Bangladesh. 
Granite is the high-quality solid stone used in the construction of a house. It is also used to make marble stones. Madhyapara hard rock mine in Parbatipur upazila of Dinajpur is a very valuable resource of Bangladesh, which can have a positive impact on the country’s economy and development. In recent times, stone quarrying at the mine has increased more than at any time in the past. Four thousand tons of granite rock are being produced in three shifts every day, which will increase to 20,000 tons per day in the future.

What is solid rock used for?

Hard rock is used to build any major structure, the rock quality of the Madhyapara hard rock mine is already being supplied to rooppur nuclear power plant, one of the mega projects in the country. Apart from this, this rock is being used for four-lane road project, Jamuna river protection project, railway construction work and other purposes. 
Various major development projects taken by the government, such as Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project, Sirajganj Hard Point, Banshkhali-Rampal-Maheshkhali-Matarbari Power Project, Dhaka Elevated Expressway, Subway, Tunnel under karnaphuli river, Cox’s Bazar Airport construction project will require a large amount of solid rock in the future. In these projects, initiatives have also been taken to ensure the use of quality excellent middle-of-the-art granite rocks. Tests by various companies and organizations have shown that the rock is “strong enough, durable and environmentally friendly as a material for physical and engineering properties construction work.” ’
Chemical tests have also shown that this rock is not harmful. This granite rock is extracted from a depth of about 300 meters underground. This naturally occurring rock is much better quality and one and a half times stronger than the surface stone imported from abroad. In view of the massive development of Bangladesh, the use of granite stone and stone dust for the rapid development of infrastructure and communication system is increasing significantly. 

Maddhyapara Hardrock Mine In Bangladesh
The Germania Trot Consortium (GTC), the foreign contractor responsible for the production, maintenance and operation of the mine, is responsible for the production, maintenance and operation of the mine. With the amount of stone stored in the 70-year-old mine, it will be possible to extract stones for the next 60 to 70 years. Increasing production will reduce the import of stones in the country. Foreign exchange will be saved. The use of hard rock will keep the country’s development wheels moving at this time of its journey in the middle-income country. It is important for the concerned to be careful so that the production of the mine is not disrupted for any reason. It is expected that the hard rock of Madhyapara will make an important contribution to the country’s progress.

Where to find hard rock

In 1973, hard rock was discovered at a depth equal to 100 storeys above the earth’s surface at Madhyapara in Dinajpur. In 1978, the government approved the Madhyapara hard rock mining project. The mine, which opened on October 20, 1994, has an estimated solid rock reserve of 172 million tonnes and a recoverable reserve of about 72 million tonnes.

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