Jaflong Sylhet Bangladesh

Jaflong of Sylhet is known all over the country as the daughter of nature . Jaflong is a lovely haven of unspoiled natural beauty and is situated in the foothills of the Khasia Jainta Hills. Jaflong is appealing because of the stratified rock formations along the Piane River. Visitors are drawn to the region by the rugged hills of India, the endless stream of waterfalls from the Dauki hills, the hanging Dauki bridge, the Payain River’s crystal clear, icy waters, the dense forest on the high hills, and the tranquil calm. Every day, local and international visitors swarm here to witness these sights.

Jaflong is well-known to tourists by the names Beauty Spot, Picnic Spot, and Queen of Beauty in addition to Prakriti Kanya. For travelers, Jaflong holds a distinct kind of appeal. The journey is not complete if you don’t travel to Sylhet and Jaflong.

Jaflong Sylhet

Jaflong in the Goainghat upazila is situated 62 kilometers (km) northeast of Sylhet city. Winter and monsoon season changes the appearance of Jaflong. The Jaflong’s beauty blossoms to a different degree during the wet season. The sand-filled surroundings become transparent. The airy environment takes in the freshness. The Khasia Hills’ lush vegetation, the cotton-like clouds that occasionally cling to their heights, and the sporadic torrential downpours make the mountain trail dangerous—it’s like a different pleasure.

It is known from history

Under the rule of the Khasia Jainta-Kings, Jaflong was a deserted forest for thousands of years. When the Zamindari system was abolished in 1954, the Khasia Jainta monarchy came to an end. After then, large portions of Jaflong were in ruins for a while. Following that, traders began traveling by sea to Jaflong in quest of stone. New towns were established at the same time the stone trade grew. A 55-km road link was built between Jaflong and Sylhet in the 1980s. Since then, news of Jaflong’s amazing beauty has traveled the entire nation. Visitors from within India and beyond, as well as environment enthusiasts, throng to Jaflong. In Sylhet, Jaflong is becoming a popular tourist destination.

The beauty of Jaflong has been enhanced by the indigenous people’s way of existence. Following the Piane River crossing is Khasiapunji. Punji is the name of Khasias’ village. If you visit this khasiapunji, you will witness specifically constructed khasiar homes that are three to four feet tall. Panbaraj is found in every home. The female family members cook betel leaves while they fill cages for sale while seated in the home’s courtyard. Tourists are drawn in by the unusual image of gathering betel leaves and stuffing them into cages. In addition to Panbarj, Village of Khasia is home to orange orchards. Unripe oranges are piled high on the garden’s trees. The country’s first flat tea garden is located further along Sangrampunji Road.

How to go to Jaflong

Jaflong distance from Dhaka and Sylhet is 315 km and 60.7 km respectively. To reach Jaflong you have to go to Sylhet first. You can go to Jaflong from Sylhet by bus or CNG auto-rickshaw along the Sylhet-Tamabil road.

Jaflong Sylhet

The buses plying between Dhaka and Sylhet are-

  • Shyamoli Paribahan:
  • Arambagh Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 7102291, 0193626023;
  • Syedabad Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 01718075541, 7511019, 7550071;
  • Greenline Transport:
  • Leaves Dhaka at: 8:30 am, 10 am, 4:15 pm, 5:30 pm and 12:30 pm; Fare: Tk 850/- (Volvo), Tk 1100/- (Scania);
  • TR Travels
  • Sohag Paribahan
  • Hanif Paribahan:

Panthpath Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 0173402670
Arambagh Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 01713402671
Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka, Phone: 01713402673

The above mentioned buses depart daily from 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM from Malibagh Railgate, Rajarbagh and Syedabad Bus Stands in Dhaka en route to Sylhet. The fare of these non AC buses is around Tk 500/- and AC bus fare is around Tk 800/- to Tk 1000/-.

Where Will You Stay

In Sylhet, there are several excellent hotels to choose from. The majority of these hotels are situated in Zindabazar, Amberkhana, and Mazar Road. These hotels are notable for:

Hotel in jaflong

  • Hotel Rose View
  • Hotel Star Pacific
  • Hotel Dargagate
  • Hotel Gulshan
  • Hotel Eastern Gate & Panahar Restaurant
  • Hotel City Link International
  • Hotel Darga View
  • Hotel Quraishi Residence
  • Greenland Hotel & Restaurant
  • Surma Valley Rest House
  • Hotel Bahrain Residential
  • Hotel Palash
  • Hotel Ajmer
  • Hotel Payra
  • Hotel Supreme
  • Hotel Western

Also there are many more hotels, you can choose any hotel according to your choice and budget.

Where to Eat

Among the eateries in Jaflong are Border View Restaurant, Jaflong View Restaurant, and Jaflong Tourist Restaurant. You can eat at Pansi, Pach Bhai, or Palki restaurants in the Zindabazar district of Sylhet City if you’re hungry. These eateries serve a wide variety of meat, khichuri, and bharta. Breakfast costs 50 to 100 taka, while lunch and dinner cost 150 to 350 taka.

Travel Guidance

  • If several are joined together, the cost will be less.
  • While mending the car from Sylhet to Jaflong, haggle.
  • You ought to be familiar with Dardam if you want to buy or eat anything.
  • There are strong currents under the Piane river in Jaflong, and if you don’t know how to swim, you risk being swept away. Be careful as you travel down the river.
  • You may see Maybi Jharna, a tiny but lovely spring, on the opposite side of the river by taking a boat across. (Renting a boat costs Tk 10 per person.
  • Jaflong is a border region; as such, abide by the border region rules.
  • Respect the natives.
  • Take care not to harm the environment or the natural world.

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