Dream Square Resort: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Imagine a place where the beauty of nature is protected and honored, where you may go away from the bustle of the city and lose yourself in peace. That destination is Dream Square Resort, which can be found in the peaceful village of Ajahirchala in the Mauna district of the Gazipur state. This wonderful resort, which is spread across 120 bighas of land, blends modern conveniences with natural beauty to give visitors a unique experience.

dream square resort

The Marvels of Nature

When you enter Dream Square Resort, a lush landscape filled with an alluring mix of local and foreign flowers will welcome you. A haven for both flora and fauna has been created by the resort’s administration by utilizing the natural surroundings and combining organically grown fruit trees and medicinal plants. Birdwatchers will enjoy the resort’s property because it is a haven for many different bird species, especially in the winter when migratory birds swarm the area.

Accommodation Fit for Royalty

The 100 or so contemporary cottage rooms at Dream Square Resort are all created to offer tired travelers the maximum luxury and relaxation. The resort also has a private tower that gives guests a vantage point from which to take in the spectacular beauty of the surroundings. Beautiful sculptures of various creatures, including fish, monkeys, pythons, and snakes, may be seen around the resort, bringing a sense of wonder to your exploration. Ingeniously placed benches can be found all across the resort, giving visitors the ideal places to relax and take in the beauty of their surroundings.

Two playgrounds with plenty of room and well-kept grass have been thoughtfully incorporated by Dream Square Resort for guests traveling with kids. Tennis courts and basketball courts are also accessible to athletes. With infant parks and kid-friendly mini-parks furnished with swings, cribs, and numerous amusement rides, the resort goes above and beyond to accommodate families.

Experiences and Events at Dream Square Resort

Dream Square Resort serves as a venue for spectacular events in addition to being a place to stay. The hotel has modern meeting areas that can accommodate up to 400 people for business meetings and other events. Attendees are guaranteed a seamless and expert experience thanks to the sound systems, microphones, and projectors that are available in these event locations. Additionally, a sizable conference room with air conditioning is accessible for workshops, seminars, business meetings, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, and picnics. Along with a board room and a theater room that can each hold up to 40 and 60 people, the resort also provides a banquet hall with space for up to 200 guests.

A Plethora of Facilities

The Dream Square Resort does all possible to give its visitors first-rate amenities. Listed below are a few amenities you can use while you’re here:

1. Swimming Pool

The resort has a sizable, crystal-clear pool decorated with fine tile work. Take a cooling swim and relax while admiring the resort’s beauty.

2. Boating

Three beautiful lakes at Dream Square Resort allow guests to take leisurely boat journeys with the use of paddles. On these wonderful boat cruises, explore the calm waterways and get in touch with nature.

3. Gym

The resort’s well-equipped body exercise center will help you keep healthy and active while you’re there. For a satisfying workout, the gym provides both men’s and women’s access to contemporary training equipment. 

4. Sunny Mocktail Bar 

The Sunny Mocktail Bar’s staff extends a warm welcome to you and offers a variety of domestic and international beverages. Enjoy some cool drinks while relaxing and relish the time. 

5. BBQ gatherings 

Enjoy a great BBQ party in Dream Square Resort’s tranquil setting. Get together with your loved ones under the stars to enjoy mouthwatering grilled fare.

6. Fishing

Casting their lines and participating in this well-liked pastime will delight fishing aficionados. The resort’s lakeshores are a great place to go fishing.

7. Green Eco Park

Dream Square Resort takes pride in its exclusive eco-green park, where guests may savor non-toxic local fare. Take part in an environmentally responsible and sustainable experience.

8. Billiards

In the resort’s dedicated pool lounge, challenge your friends or family to a game. Play a little friendly competition and make some memories that will last. 

These are just a handful of the countless amenities and adventures Dream Square Resort has in store for you. The resort’s dedication to giving a comprehensive and enjoyable experience is evident in all of its offerings.

A Variety of Accommodation Options

To accommodate every visitor’s tastes and financial situation, Dream Square Resort offers a variety of lodging choices. Let’s examine a few of these options:

dream square resort

1. Typical Room

The Typical Room, which has a balcony and a double bed, is perfect for couples. Modern furnishings, a small fridge, hot and cold water in the bathroom, an LED TV with satellite channels, a table, a phone, a hairdryer, and a washing machine are included in the Tk 5,500 per night price of this accommodation.

2. Deluxe Room Mod House

The Deluxe Room Mod House is the ideal option if you want a rural location. This room has a queen-size bed, air conditioning, a balcony, an LED TV with satellite service, a minibar, a table, a phone, a hairdryer, a locker system, and a nice bathroom. It costs about Tk 5,000 per night.

3. Dream Island Modular Residence

Consider staying at the Dream Island Mod House for a wholly distinctive experience. This hotel offers an environment that is similar to an island in nature because it is surrounded by mud. The Dream Island Mod House has a king-size bed, an air conditioner, a balcony, a minibar, an LED TV with satellite channels, a table, a phone, a locker system, and a hairdryer. It costs about Tk 5,000 per night.

4. Dream Deluxe

The Dream Deluxe room is a great option if you want a little extra luxury. This room, which costs about Tk 8,750 per night, has contemporary furniture and opulent amenities. A king-size bed, a hot and cold water system in the bathroom, a small refrigerator, a table, a phone, a locker system, and a hairdryer are all included in the air-conditioned rooms that have balconies.

5. Executive Suite

The Executive Suite is the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a roomy lodging option. This three-person suite has a spacious lobby, a balcony with a beautiful lake view, a king-size bed, two cozy beds, and a lot of conveniences. The price is roughly Tk 6,000 each night. 

These are just a few illustrations of the types of lodging Dream Square Resort offers. A 10% service fee and 15% VAT are added to each room.

dream square resort

Beyond Accommodation: Additional Services

Dream Square Resort goes above and beyond to make sure visitors have a memorable stay, in addition to offering comfortable rooms. These additional services are provided:

Arrival refreshments include
There are newspapers in every room.
every room, two 500 ml water bottles
bathrooms with modern fixtures that are well-appointed
Towels and sandals are offered for visitors.
Online accessibility
Folded clothes that is neat
Availability of a large playground
Facilities for table tennis, boats, and swimming pools

How to Reach Dream Square Resort

The trip to Dream Square Resort is easy to navigate. If you’re taking a personal automobile or a passenger bus, take the Dhaka-Mymensingh route to reach Mauna in the Gazipur district. The lovely Dream Square Resort is waiting for you on Pashim Road, just five kilometers north of Mauna.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

The restaurants of Dream Square Resort will thrill your appetite. A large restaurant with space for 200 guests is located on the resort’s bottom floor. The restaurant features opulent decor with a modern twist. This restaurant serves delicious Bengali food that includes a range of chicken, beef, and vegetarian dishes. From salad and khichuri to chicken BBQ and mouthwatering desserts,

The food of the restaurant is varied. You can eat meals from Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisine in addition to Bengali food, making for a memorable dining experience. Don’t miss the wonderful range of delectable dishes from other countries that is offered at the daily buffet breakfast.

After a day of exploring, stop into the Dream Cafe for a short recharge. The Dream Cafe is the ideal place to relax and is situated in front of the sizable playground close to the resort’s entry road and parking area. Enjoy a cup of coffee that is well-known over the world, such as Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Macchiato, Americano, or Hot Chocolate Coffee. You have a vast selection of options at the cafe to satiate your appetites, including ice cream, nuts, Pringles, and chips.

Contact Information and Address

Contact Dream Square Resort at 01799611607, 01799611608, 01755603310, and 01755603311 with any questions or to book reservations. Email addresses for contact are info.dreamsquareresort@gmail.com. Visit their website at http://www.dreamsquareresort.com for additional details. To visit the Dhaka Corporate Office, go to Eastern Trade Centre, 56, Inner Circular (VIP) Road, 3rd Floor, Dhaka 1000. Call us at 880-2-9334149.

Get Ready for a Dream-like Experience

With its alluring blend of modern conveniences and natural beauty, Dream Square Resort pulls you in. This resort offers everything you could want, whether you’re looking for a family vacation, a tranquil escape in the natural world, or a memorable event location. Make your reservation right away to enjoy a trip you won’t soon forget.



1. Can I bring my children to Dream Square Resort? 

Absolutely! Dream Square Resort is family-friendly and offers various amenities and activities to cater to children, including playgrounds, baby parks, and kid-friendly mini-parks.
2. Are there facilities for corporate events at Dream Square Resort? 
Yes, Dream Square Resort provides cutting-edge event spaces suitable for business meetings, workshops, seminars, and other corporate events. The resort offers conference rooms, a banquet facility, a board room, and a theater room to accommodate different event needs.

3. Does Dream Square Resort offer recreational activities? 

Yes, the resort offers a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming, boating, a gym, billiards, fishing, and a tennis court. Guests can also enjoy the resort’s green eco park, campfires, and various sports in the large playground.

4. What are the different types of rooms available at Dream Square Resort? 

Dream Square Resort offers various types of rooms to suit different preferences and group sizes. Some of the options include Typical Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Dream Island Modular Residence, Dream Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suites, and more.

5. Is there a restaurant at Dream Square Resort? 

Yes, Dream Square Resort has a spacious restaurant that can accommodate approximately 200 people. The restaurant offers Bengali, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, ensuring a diverse dining experience. Additionally, the resort has the Dream Cafe, which serves coffee, ice cream, and snacks.

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