Children’s fair Dhaka

The first privately built park for children ‘ Shishu Mela ‘ at Shyamoli in the capital. However, the previous name has been changed and the new children’s entertainment center has been named ‘ DNCC Wonderland ‘. This Shishu Mela in Shyamli is one of the entertainment centers for the children of Dhaka.

On October 15, 1985, 1.40 acres of land next to the Shyamli Children’s Hospital was handed over to the Dhaka City Corporation from the Ministry of Public Works for management as a children’s park. Later, a park located in Gulshan-2 under the jurisdiction of Dhaka North City Corporation and a park in Shyamli were given a lease for installing modern play equipment at their own expense. From there the journey of Shyamoli Shishu Mela started.

Children's fair Dhaka

Location of Shishu Mela

Shishu Mela or DNCC Wonderland is located next to Shyamli in the capital Dhaka, west of Shishu Hospital along the main road. Which is known as Shishu Mela or Ananda Rajya for children. You can come to this Shyamoli Shishu Mela by bus from any part of Dhaka.

Children’s fair schedule

Shyamoli Shishu Mela is open every day of the week.
Summer Schedule: 1st March to 31st October, Open 10am to 9.30pm. But the weather changes a bit in winter. Open from 1st November to 21st February from 10 am to 8.30 pm.

Children’s fair ticket price

Ticket price for entry to Shishu Mela is Tk 60 per person. All children above 2 years of age must have a ticket for entry.

After entering the Shishu Mela,

separate tickets must be collected to board or ride on each of the rides. There are 20 rides in total. You have to buy a ticket for 50 rupees to get on each ride. Not all rides allow adults or children to ride alongside. But you can get on some rides. 

How many rides are there in Shishu Mela – 

1. KidRides Games 
2. Mary Go Round 
3 Chuk Chuk Train 
4. Honey Swing 
5. Swan Adventure 
6. Paratrooper 
7. Mini train 
8. Twist 
9. Battery car 
10. Pendulum 
11. Video games 
12. Helicopter corner 
13. Bouncy Castle 
14. viking boat
15. Dragon Roller Coaster
16. Space Shuttle
17. Wonder Wheel
18. 3-D Gallery
19. 3-D Adventure
20. Bumper car

How to go to Shyamoli Shishu Mela

You will find several local buses going to Shyamoli from anywhere in Dhaka.
These include-

Super Bus – Motijheel to Nandan Park
Route: Gulistan ➟ Shahbagh ➟ Farmgate ➟ Shyamali ➟ Gabtali ➟ Savar ➟ Nabinagar.

Labbayek Transport-

Route: Travels from Jatrabari to Savar via Syedabad, Mugda, Khilgaon, Malibagh, Moghbazar, Karwan Bazar, Farmgate, Asadgate, Shyamoli, Gabtali.

Vehicle Transport-

Route: Mirpur-14 ➟ Mirpur-13 ➟ Mirpur-10 ➟ Mirpur-2 ➟ Mirpur-1 ➟ Technical ➟ Kalyanpur ➟ Shyamoli ➟Collegegate ➟ Asadgate ➟ Kalabagan ➟ City College ➟ Sciencelab ➟ Shahbagh ➟ Press Club ➟ Paltan ➟ Motijheel Shapla Chattar ➟ Arambagh ➟ Kamalapur Railway Station

Tetulia Transport-

Route: Shia Mosque ➟ Shyamli ➟ Agargao ➟ Mirpur 10 ➟ Kal ➟ Bishwa Road ➟ Airport ➟ Uttara ➟ Abdullahpur.

Pallavi Local Service

Route: Asad Gate➟ Shyamoli ➟ Kalyanpur ➟ Technical ➟ Mirpur 1 ➟ Mirpur 2 ➟ Mirpur 6 ➟ Chalantika Mor ➟ Mirpur 7 ➟ Mirpur 11 ➟ Mirpur 12. Baisakhi Transport Route: Savar ➟ Gabtali ➟ Kalyanpur ➟ Shyamali ➟ Agargaon ➟ New Road ➟ Mahakhali ➟ Gulshan 1 ➟ Badda Link Road ➟ New Bazar.

By any of these you will get down at Shyamoli bus stand, you will see Shyamoli Shishu Mela.

Where to eat

There are more than 12 food shops inside the Shishu Mela, also there are a few hotels around the Shishu Hospital where you can have lunch, but if you want to eat inside the Shishu Mela, you have to pay the price.

Child safety

Children should be picked up on rides by age. Younger children should not be allowed on some rides. Those traveling with children should keep a close eye on children, do not take rides that children are afraid of.

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