Bangladesh Air Force Museum

The impressive Biman Bahini Jadughar, popularly known as the Bangladesh Air Force Museum, is a testimony to the achievements and history of the Bangladesh Air Force. This museum, which is located in Agargaon next to Tejgaon Airport on the east side of the IDB headquarters, intends to educate future generations about the nation’s aviation history.
Bangladesh Air Force Museum

A Glimpse into History

The Bangladesh Air Force Museum, which opened its doors in 2014, gives visitors the chance to see up close the famous aircraft and helicopters that were instrumental in the country’s 1971 War of Independence. When you enter the museum, you’ll be faced by a sizable square with a collection of carefully preserved fighter jets, helicopters, and radars. Three aircraft that were initially utilized by the Indian Air Force during the Great War of Independence and later donated to Bangladesh are among the 21 aircraft and three radars that are currently on display at the museum.

Exploring the Air Force Museum

A variety of helicopters and aircraft from various eras are on display at the Air Force Museum. The following exhibits are notable: 

1. Balaka 

Balaka was the country of Bangladesh’s first passenger aircraft. In 1958, a Russian-built aircraft arrived in Bangladesh.

2. Air Tourer 

The New Zealand-made Air Tourer is used for training flights. In 1997, it was added to the fleet of the Bangladesh Air Force. 

3. PT-6

China-made PT-6 aircraft, which were first used in 1985, were added to the Bangladesh Air Force’s fleet. 

4. Fugazi M-170

In 1997, the French-built Fugazi M-170 aircraft joined the Bangladesh Air Force.

5. Glider

This glider was a kind gift from Germany to Bangladesh in 1982 that allowed the Bangladesh Air Force to provide air experience flights.

6. Airtech Canadian DH 3/1000

This Canadian aircraft was essential to a successful assault against the Chittagong seaport during the independence struggle in 1971.

7. Hunter Aircraft

In order to defend the country against threats from the ground during the independence war, the Indian Air Force gave Bangladesh Hunter Aircraft. The Bangladesh Air Force then received this aircraft as a gift.

Beyond Aviation: Enhancing the Visitor Experience

The Air Force Museum provides a variety of services to improve the tourist experience in addition to its impressive aircraft collection. These consist of a food court, the “Niladri” souvenir store, fascinating animal pictures, a theme park, and beautiful fountains. While taking in these additional attractions, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the aviation environment.

Planning Your Visit

To get the most out of your visit, you must be informed of the Air Force Museum’s opening and closing times. The museum is open to visitors Monday through Thursday from 2 pm to 8 pm, although it is still closed on Sundays. It opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ticket Information

Tickets for ordinary visitors to the museum cost 50 rupees, while those for members of the armed forces cost 25 rupees. For an extra price ranging from 30 to 100 rupees, depending on the aircraft, guests can also tour the inside of the displayed airplanes and helicopters.

How to Reach the Air Force Museum

It is pretty simple to get to the Air Force Museum in Agargaon from anywhere in Dhaka. It is possible to take a bus headed for Mirpur 10, Mirpur 11, or Mirpur 12 and get out at Agargaon if you are coming from Motijheel or Gulisthan. Anyone traveling from Abdullahpur, the Airport, or Mahakhali can board any bus going to Mirpur or Shyamoli and get off just in front of the IDB Building, which houses the Air Force Museum, at Agargaon Signal Cross. You can also choose to go from Rampura to the museum utilizing private vehicles or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), Alif Paribahan, or other transportation choices.


Both aviation fans and history buffs will find Biman Bahini Jadughar, the Bangladesh Air Force Museum, to be a fascinating site. The museum gives visitors a chance to engage with Bangladesh’s rich aviation heritage with its amazing collection of aircraft and radars and other amenities. The museum inspires future generations and fosters a sense of national pride in the accomplishments of the Air Force by conserving the history of the skies.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is photography allowed inside the Air Force Museum? 

Yes, taking pictures within the Air Force Museum is permissible. However, it is advised to abide by any particular instructions given by the museum staff.

2. Are guided tours available at the museum? 

Yes, the museum offers guided tours for guests who want a more educational and interesting experience. On-demand, guided tours can be scheduled.
3. Are there any parking facilities available near the museum? 
Yes, parking spaces are available close to the Air Force Museum. Visitors can leave their cars in a convenient parking spot and relax while they are there.

4. Can I buy souvenirs related to the Air Force Museum?
Yes, the museum includes a special gift shop named “Niladri” where you can purchase a variety of mementos, presents, and souvenirs with aviation themes to bring back as treasured treasures.

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