Bangabandhu Safari Park A Captivating Wildlife Experience in Gazipur

The exquisite wildlife reserve known as Bangabandhu Safari Park is situated in the Mauna Union of Sreepur Upazila in the Gazipur District and provides visitors with an unforgettable experience in the midst of nature. This safari park, which covers an area of over 3,690 acres, is surrounded by tranquil scenery and lush woodlands. Bangabandhu Safari Park, which is based on the famed Safari World in Thailand, has been enthralling visitors since it opened in 2013.

bangabandhu safari park

A Haven of Wildlife

The Core Safari, where guests can embark on an exciting adventure through diverse animals’ native habitats, is one of Bangabandhu Safari Park’s key draws. As guests tour the park in minivans, tigers, lions, zebras, giraffes, and wild deer graze freely. Imagine being on the road and coming across a gorgeous tiger blocking the route or hearing a roaring lion inches from your window. Because of these engrossing activities, Bangabandhu Safari Park is the perfect place for a day trip with the family from Dhaka and the neighboring districts.

Exploring the Park

The five distinct sections of Bangabandhu Safari Park, each of which offers a distinctive experience, are as follows:

    The administrative hub of the park is located in Bangabandhu Square, which covers 38 acres. Parking lots, amusement parks, and office buildings are all located there. Intriguing paintings, model-adorned main gates, fountains, and lakes are all available for visitors to enjoy. Here you can also find amenities including display maps, a park office, an information center, restrooms, a dormitory, a natural history museum, and an eco-resort.

Core Safari: Visitors without cars are expressly barred from entering the 1,217-acre Core Safari region. Visitors can explore this vast area using the park’s jeeps and minibuses. While driving a car or jeep, tourists can pay a set charge to see a variety of wild creatures in their natural habitat. Black bears, African cheetahs, chitra deer, sambar deer, gazelles, elephants, Maya and para deer, as well as many more fascinating species, can be found in the park together with tigers and lions.

Safari Kingdom: With a 556-acre property, Safari Kingdom has a variety of attractions. The gateway of Safari Kingdom, Macao Land, is home to around 34 distinct species of exotic birds from Africa. A marine aquarium with about 20 different species of fish, including tiger fish, crocodile fish, Oscar, black goose, and the color-changing chocolate fish, is located just next to Macao Land.

    Extensive Asian Safari Park: The endangered Asian fauna is on display in Bangabandhu Safari Park’s expansive Asian Safari Park. Visitors can be amazed by animals such the Crown Crane, Wallaby, Alpaca, Miniature Horse, and Alpaca. 

Biodiversity Park: The Biodiversity Park’s mission is to protect and advance the area’s rich biodiversity. Three aviaries, a butterfly safari, an orchid house, a giraffe feeding area, an owl and vulture corner, an elaborate carp garden, an egg world, a boating area, a lake zone, and a wildlife observation center are all located there.

Entry Fees and Timings

All citizens of Bangladesh must pay Tk 50 as the entrance fee to the Bangabandhu Safari Park; children under the age of 18 must pay Tk 20. Students must pay Tk 10 as an entrance charge whether they are visiting for academic or general purposes. Foreign tourists must pay $5 to enter the park.

There are additional entry costs for educational excursions led by organizations or schools. The entry cost is Tk 400 per person for groups of 40 to 100 students, and Tk 800 per person for larger groups.

There is an additional charge of Tk 100 per person to explore the Core Safari Park. Students and those under the age of 18 can enter the Core Safari Park for Tk 50 per person. The Core Safari Park experience takes place in minivans and lasts for about 20 minutes.

The park’s other areas also have entrance costs. To see all the sites, visitors need budget between 200 and 300 Tk. A 30-minute paddle boat ride additionally costs Tk 200 per person.

Bangabandhu Safari Park charges the following parking rates (subject to change): Tk 200 for buses, coaches, or lorries; Tk 100 for microbuses or minibuses; and Tk 60 for jeeps, private cars, autorickshaws, or CNG vehicles. 

Bangabandhu Safari Park Gazipur

Six days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm, Bangabandhu Safari Park is open; however, it is closed on Tuesdays. It is advised to arrive early in the morning so that you have plenty of time to explore the park’s attractions throughout the day.

Getting to Bangabandhu Safari Park

You can board a bus headed to Sripur, Bhaluka, or Mymensingh from Mohakhali in Dhaka. The entrance of Bangabandhu Safari Park is located just 3 km west of Bagher Bazar, or roughly 40 km north along the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, once you have passed the Gazipur crossroads. From Bagher Bazar to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, a rickshaw or autorickshaw journey will cost you between Tk 20 and Tk 40.

As an alternative, you can get people carriers going from Bagher Bazar to Gazipur Chowrasta. From there, you can take a rickshaw or autorickshaw to the tiger market and then continue on to the safari park. If you’re coming from somewhere else in the nation, get to Gazipur first, then take your chosen means of transportation to the specified spot.

Contact Information and Travel Advice

For any inquiries or booking needs, you can refer to the following contact details:

Conservator of Forests
Wildlife & Nature Conservancy Zone
Forest Building, Agargao, Dhaka
Mobile: +88-01727-329816
For Picnic, Spot Booking & Any Needs: 01973-000044, 01823-000044, 01823-004484

Travel Tips

Place all trash, including bottles and polystyrene, in the specified trash cans. During tiger and lion visits, don’t get out of moving cars. Keep a safe distance away from enclosures that contain dangerous animals. Use quieter devices instead of loud ones. On park property, outside food is not permitted. Please don’t give food to the animals. Follow all instructions and warnings posted around the park.

Plan a trip to the Bangabandhu Safari Park for a magical experience surrounded by beautiful scenery and fascinating wildlife. Spend time with your loved ones while taking in the splendor of this wildlife sanctuary.

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